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Car Thieves Unknowingly Breaks into Vehicle Belonging to Chiang Rai’s Deputy Police Chief



Police apprehended Chaiwat Prangmart, 24, a Bangkok native who goes by the nickname of Nong Ramkhamhaeng.

Police apprehended Chaiwat Prangmart, 24, a Bangkok native who goes by the nickname of Nong Ramkhamhaeng.



CHIANG RAI -Things went from good to very bad for a 24 year-old Thai man in Bangkok after he robbed a Toyota Fotuna without knowing it belonged to Chiang Rai’s Deputy Police Chief Lt. Col. Kriangkrai Ariyaying.

Police Chief Kriangkrai Ariyaying said he was was visiting Bangkok earlier this month and had stopped off to eat in the Sukhatiban area of Bang Khen. While dining, two men on a motorcycle broke into his Toyota Fortuner and made off with 150,000 baht of his cash, a Rolex watch and 30 rare Buddhist amulets.

Chief Kriangkrai Ariyaying quickly went to the local Police station and studied CCTV footage of the area and  put out an appeal on the metropolitan police’s Facebook page, which surprisingly led them directly to Chaiwat Prangmart, 24 aka Nong Ramkhamhaeng and Laksaman “Tao” Glinampai, 24.

After there apprehension the Chaiwat confessed that he was the leader of the gang and had been the driver of the bike caught on the CCTV.

Chaiwat went on to tell the Metro Police that he was one of five gang members involved in stealing from cars when the owners had parked to go and eat.

He said each person in the gang had specialized roles and would target cars parked near restaurants in the Bang Khen, Khan Na Yao, Suan Luang, and Sai Mai districts.

On the day in question he was working with his mate called “Kop” who used a screwdriver to break into the Police Chief’s Fortuner.

He said they sold the stolen goods and used the proceeds of their crimes to have a good time and buy drugs.

Col. Teerachai Chamnanmhor of the Metro Police force, said Chaiwat and Laksaman will be charged with theft and likely face jail time. Police are still looking for more members of their gang and the property they stole.

Source: Daily News,  Thai Visa

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