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Bus Crashes into Powerlines in Phan Chiang Rai, Passengers Electrocuted



Bus hit power pol in Phan Chiang Rai at 6:30 AM

Bus hit power pol in Phan Chiang Rai at 6:30 AM – Photo T. Davis


PHAN CHIANG RAI –  At approximately 6:30 am a passenger bus veered off the road and collided with a power poll 1000 meter away from its scheduled stop in Phan, Chiang Rai. According to a local expat (Mr. Davis) living close to the accident scene 10 passengers including the bus driver were killed suddenly from electrocution from the downed power lines that entangled the bus upon collision.

According to police officials at the scene the bus drive fell asleep at the wheel and rammed into a high voltage power poll, the voltage from the power lines was so strong it literally severed the drivers arms from his body.

Mr. Davis a local expat residing in Phan said he couldn’t bring himself to take photos of  worst parts of the accident and that he was quite upset that the police at the scene were laughing at the situation.

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