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ASEAN Finance Ministers’ Meeting Commences in Chiang Rai



CHIANG RAI – At the 23rd ASEAN Finance Ministers’ Meeting in Chiang Rai province today, senior officials has discussed cooperation on trade logistics and the financial status of each ASEAN member state.

Director-General of the Fiscal Policy Office, Lavaron Sangsanit, said the delegates at the meeting discussed the implementation of the ASEAN Single Window that will connect and integrate customs authorities using national single windows across the region to further facilitate trade and investment. The ASEAN member countries, except Laos, stated that they are ready to implement the system this year.

“The issue of the ASEAN Single Window has been on the discussion table for 10 years. It is now clear that the other nine ASEAN member countries are ready to use the system this year. As for Laos, we will have a meeting with them. We want to give them support and raise their capabilities to equal other neighboring countries” said Director-General, Fiscal Policy Office, Lavaron Sangsanit.

At the meeting, the delegates also discussed the financial status of each ASEAN member state, paving way for the region to enhance its financial sector. For tomorrow, the ASEAN Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting will commence and there will be an announcement on the cooperation between the Bank of Thailand and the ASEAN Central Bank regarding the financial and the payment systems.

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