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Airports of Thailand Discourages Sky Lanterns During Loy Krathong Festival






CHIANG RAI – The Airports of Thailand (AoT) has called on the public not to use sky lanterns during Loy Krathong festival this year. Those who need to use one must inform the AoT in written form seven days in advance.

The AoT had asked airlines to arrange flights, especially in the northern region, during the festival by avoiding flying after 9 PM on 25 November 2016, said the president.

Sky Lanterns are extremely dangerous to Airplanes.

Sky Lanterns are extremely dangerous to Airplanes.

People can use sky lanterns after 9.30 PM in Chiang Rai from 24 – 25 November 2015 and smoke lanterns from 10 PM – 12 AM on 25 November 2015.

The sky lanterns allowed to use must be smaller than 90 centimeters in diameter and 140 centimeters high. They must not be made from sky-like colored paper.

Similar to released balloons, sky lanterns all return to earth as litter. They are often marketed as “biodegradable” or “earth- friendly,” both untrue. Sky lanterns are made with treated paper, wires and/or a bamboo ring.

They can travel for miles and always land as dangerous litter. Sky lanterns have caused huge structure fires and wildfires. This flaming aerial trash has caused serious burns to humans and killed animals who eat them or become entangled in their fallen remains.


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