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Air Quality in Chiang Rai Worst in Northern Thailand



Fire Truck Sprays water to try and reduce ash in air

Fire Truck Sprays water into the air in Chiang Rai


CHIANG RAIThe Pollution Control Department (PCD) reports, Chiang Rai Province still has the highest concentration of airborne particulate matter in the northern region despite a drop today, while agencies are working to solve the issue.

The haze situation in Chiang Rai this morning experienced a drop in small particulate matter (PM10) value, registered at 212 micrograms per cubic meter in Chiang Rai City Municipality, and at 220 micrograms per cubic meter in Mae Sai province.

Both of the registered values still exceed the standard value at 120 micrograms per cubic meter, making Chiang Rai the province with highest PM10 value in the northern region.

In response, the Mae Fah Luang District Chief Worayan Boonyarat dispatched a campaigning parade and a fast moving mobile unit comprising of police officers, soldiers, firefighters, community leaders, and local administration leaders, to spray water and inform the public to stop all burning activities in an attempt to solve the haze situation.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army visited the 7th Infantry Division today to oversee the mitigation operations of alleviating the wildfire and haze issues in the northern region.

The Royal Thai Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Udomdej Sitabutr said prior to arriving the operation area, that the army is responsible for aerial operations of wildfire mitigation by appointing the Commander of the 3rd Army Region to closely monitor the operation. – NNT


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