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78 Year Old Japanese Tourist Beaten by Baht Bus Driver in Chiang Mai



Police arrested the driver, 39-year old Arsang Aryeegoo

Police arrested the driver, 39-year old Arsang Aryeegoo


CHIANG MAI – A baht bus driver in Chiang Mai was arrested by police after he allegedly assaulted a 78 year old Japanese tourist Shimota Esike a day earlier.

A video footage of the incident which was taken by a witness using his smart phone was posted in the social media and it went viral among the netizens.


Police were alerted to the incident through social media when someone posted a photo

The 78-year old victim, Mr Shimota Esike, was accompanied by an official of the Japanese consulate in Chiang Mai, when he lodged a complaint with Pol Maj-Gen Pacha Rattanapan, deputy commissioner of 5th region provincial police.

A manhunt was immediately ordered with the help of the video footage by Pol Maj-Gen Pacha who regarded the incident as damaging to the image of Chiang Mai.

Shortly afterward, police arrested the driver, 39-year old Arsang Aryeegoo, who allegedly admitted he assaulted the Japanese tourist because he threw the bus fare at him.

The tourist later said that he was satisfied that his assailant was caught and he didn’t want to file any charges at him.

However, police said that the alleged assailant would still face an assault charge which is liable to six months’ imprisonment.

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Posted by Fang Fary onTuesday, 3 November 2015

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