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400 Year Old Gold Ornaments Found in Chiang Rai



Chiang Saen National Museum

Chiang Saen National Museum


CHIANG SAEN – Over a hundred pieces of gold ornaments believed to be over 400 years old have been found in Chiang Rai Province. Officials at Chiang Saen National Museum believe the jewelries belonged to a royal family of the Lanna era.

According to a Chiang Saen National Museum official, the more than 100 pieces of gold ornaments recently found in Chiangrai could belong to one of the royal families or high ranking officials in the era of Lanna. The ornaments included necklaces, rings, bracelets, and hairpins; all were made of gold and precious stones. After a quick inspection, the official said the ornaments were in good condition.

The antique jewelries were discovered and given to the museum by the In-ta family who lives in Chiang Saen District of Chiang Rai. The ornaments will be listed as national treasures for everybody to appreciate, as they are over 400 years old and rich in history.- NNT

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