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3.4 Earthquake Wakens Residents in Chiang Rai’s, Phan District



CHIANG RAI – A mild 3.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Chiang Rai’s Phan district in the early morning Saturday, the Seismological Bureau of the Meteorological Department reported.

The Seismological bureau said the earthquake had an epicenter about 15 kilometers underground at latitude 19.45 degrees and longitude 99.60 degrees.

The epicenter was in Doi Luang National Park.

The quake was felt by residents of Phan and nearby districts.

Chiang Rai governor Prajon Pratsakul said there had been no damage reports so far but he has instructed the Chiang Rai Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office to survey the area.

A 6.3-magnitude quake occurred in Chiang Rai on May 5, 2014, causing damages in Phan, Mae Lao and Mae Suai district

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