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British Man Faces Jail after Attack From Thai Thugs in Northern Thailand


Luke told British media: “They had wooden sticks with nails pointing out. They were screaming they were going to kill me.



MAE HON SONG – A 38 year-old British man beaten up by a gang of Thai thugs is facing jail after throwing punches to protect himself.

Luke Thornton, 38, was kicked and punched in the face and repeatedly knocked out in the assault.

Luke was visiting his wife Sayforn Phetkajang in the village of Pai, Mae Hong Son Province in north Thailand.

He was sitting in the road with a few friends when three men pulled up on motorbikes and started revving their engines.

He then pulled his pal away, at which point the thugs allegedly unleashed a savage assault on Luke.

Police are able to identify another two bawlers who are Anupon Kongpiti, 35, and Kantapong Kongpaka, 23 – Photo CityNews

Three Thai men have now been arrested, aged between 23 and 25. They claim the British man shouldn’t have interfered in a fight between grown Thai men. “So he needed to be taught a lesson.” The Thaiger reported.

Luke’s wife told reporters that he had raised his hands in a wai to appeal for his life but says he was kicked and beaten unconscious and left for dead as the gang fled the scene.

Luke told British media: “They had wooden sticks with nails pointing out. They were screaming they were going to kill me.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They punched me in the face and the back; they kicked my legs and smashed my face with their sticks.

“I lost consciousness and then when I woke up again, they knocked me out with a kick to the head. This happened two or three times.

“At one point they picked me up and dragged me across the road, my face scraping along.”

One of the attackers eventually asked: “Where will he put his body?”

The British Man was left covered in blood after being attacked

Luke’s wife revealed that her husband is having trouble with his eye sight as his orbit was damaged among other injuries.

He was taken to Chiang Mai Ram Hospital with a fractured skull, fractured eye socket and other facial injuries.

Over the following two weeks, he underwent facial reconstruction surgery and operations on his fractured skull and broken finger, with medical bills running to £7,500.

He suffered a smashed eye socket and a smashed nose, with his left eyeball replaced by a piece of silicon and eventually re-inserted.

The three men in question have been arrested but Luke now faces a trial for “fighting”.

He does not know the specific offense he has been charged with, as his lawyer does not speak English.

Luke now faces six months of proceedings, along with jail time or a £10,000 fine.

He added: “I’ve been told I will have to sit in the dock with the three men who attacked me at my next court date in September.

“I am so scared they will have me killed. I have PTSD from that night, and I can’t stop replaying it in my head.”

Luke’s passport has been confiscated by Thai authorities and he is unable to return home to see his children.

His family and friends have set up a fundraising page to cover court costs and medical bills, which can be viewed here.


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