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Bangkok Bomb Suspects Allegedly ‘Sought Revenge Against Thai Military



BANGKOK – Two Bangkok bomb suspects have been arrested in connection with a bomb found at Royal Thai Police headquarters in Bangkok.

The Bangkok Bomb suspects claim they and eight accomplices wanted to create chaos in Bangkok. Revenge for military operations in the Deep South.

However a government spokeswoman on Saturday categorically denied the Bangkok bomb suspects made confessions, saying police were still investigating.

The two men, both from Ruesor district of Narathiwat, were caught on an inter-provincial bus at the Pathomporn checkpoint in Chumphon province on Friday.

Police Headquarters Rama I Road Bangkok

A security camera had captured images of a man dropping a suspicious object near the fence outside RTP headquarters on Rama I Road on Thursday evening.

Bomb disposal officers examined the object, which contained two cylinder-shaped boxes stuffed with electrical circuit boards. There was no explosive.

The pair later broke their silence and confessed, Thai media reported on Saturday, quoting a source at a security agency.

The source said the pair colluded with eight accomplices in planning the attacks across the capital.

They allegedly placed bombs at various venues to show the military that they could create unrest anywhere even at important government venues.

Wildun Maha, left, and Luai Sae-ngae, right,allegedly confessed to the crimes of laying bombs and arson devices across Bangkok

The suspects reportedly claimed they were motivated to avenge the death of a suspect detained by the Fourth Army Region at a military camp in the South.

But government spokeswoman Naruemon Piyosinwat dismissed the claims as untrue.

“The reports are inaccurate. Investigators have yet to conclude [a motive]. They are investigating.

After this, I will explain this issue in detail,” Post Today quoted her as saying.

Seven bombs were reported in five locations in Bangkok and Nonthaburi on Friday, with five of them going off, hurting four people.

The incidents occurred while he capital was hosting a high-profile gathering of foreign ministers from Asean and 21 other countries, including the US, China and Russia.

Source: Bangkok Post

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