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Thirteen of Best Classic Car Shows and Events



Practically every weekend of the year, you can find classic car shows in the United States. They are literally everywhere in the country – anything from a handful of people that drive classic Mustangs and Mustang replicas from to week-long events that include concerts, car shows, and auctions. If you are into classic cars, classic car shows provide a good opportunity to sample automotive history and see cars that you will never see anywhere in the world again.

Here are the best classic car shows in the United States:

1.Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

This is a perfect show not only to classic car enthusiasts but everybody who loves the entire automotive industry. It is held every third week of August in Pebble Beach, California. It features all sorts of car exhibits, races, and other events. The show is split into three events: a social event, fundraiser and auction. If you want to sample the most valuable and rare classic cars, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance should be in your bucket list.

2.Charlotte Auto Fair – Charlotte NC

The Charlotte Auto Fair is a monster show! It is held twice a year, usually in April and September, and is considered the biggest automotive extravaganza in the world. The four days event boasts over 100,000 attendees and over 10,000 vendor spaces. Staggering numbers there, right? The show also features a classic car corral, auctions, and other sorts of displays from concept to wild custom cars.

3.Iola Car Show – Iola WI

Looking for something unique? The Iola Car Show is outstanding. It is a three days event usually held in July in the tiny town of Iola, Wisconsin. This show attracts a crowd of over 120,000 people; over 2000 show cars; and features over 4000 vendor spaces. The Iola Car Show started way back in 1972 with only 20 cars and has grown to one of the largest classic cars shows in the United States.

4.Amelia Concours d’Elegance – Jacksonville, Florida

Relaxed, entertaining, and jam-packed with the best classic cars of all time, Amelia Concours d’Elegance is a favorite for several showgoers. It is held in March every year, and there are enough sideshows to keep you entertained the whole time.

5.AACA Fall Meet – Hershey PA

There must be something special about the Hershey PA area. Apart from hosting two massive events by Carlisle, the AACA Fall Meet is also held there. It is one of the largest antique cars shows in the country. It features over 1500 show cars, nearly 1000 coral spots, and over 9000 vendor spaces. This show boasts over 200,000 attendees who throng here to enjoy some great classic cars.

6.Hot August Nights – Reno Nevada

Hotel August Nights claim to be the ‘Largest Nostalgic Car Show in The World,’ but with an estimated crowd of over 800,000, you can’t argue with them. This incredible show has it all; concerts, contests, cruise-ins, seminars, and shows. They also have 700 vendor spaces. Hotel August Nights Show is held every August and should be on your list if you live in Nevada or anywhere near Nevada.

7.Car Capital Auto Show – Michigan

If you are looking for a car show with a wide collection of cars, the Car Capital Auto show in Michigan is the event to attend. It comprises of trucks, cars, and motorcycle auto shows combined to form great event. It houses more than 500 vendors making it easy to get spare parts, different car products. And also a chance to identify the best-off road vehicles. The Auto show is also packed with a wide array of food vendors serving tasty food to ensure you never go hungry.

8.Corvettes at Carlisle Car Show

This is a must-attend event for people who love Corvette. Corvettes at Carlisle is a big event filled with fun intended for corvette lovers. It features more than 5000 Corvettes of all generations. This event attracts more than 50,000 Corvette fans, and it’s characterized by an astonishing shopping experience with a wide variety of shops and vendors to choose from.

9.Syracuse Nationals – Syracuse NY

Syracuse has been the home for an amazing classic car show for more than 18 years. The event is held every summer at the New York State Fairgrounds. It is a 3-day event that attracts more than 86,000 people. The event has approximately 400 vendors serving anxious car fans over the 3-day event.

10.Little Car Show – California

The Little Car Show attracts more than 5,000 visitors and also 120 exhibitions every year. It is held at Downtown Pacific Grove, Monterey, U.S.A. It is usually a one-day show held every mid-August, specializing in cars that are more than 25 years old.

11.Springfield Swap Meet Car Show – Ohio

This a Big show of trailers, cars, and RVs. If you like traveling with modest RVs, then this is the event for you. The show also has a lot of fun activities to keep the whole family excited. The show boasts more than 9000 vintage lovers each year coming to view vintage racing cars, memorabilia, and stock cars. It is also packed with spare parts vendors.

12.Codman Estate Antique Auto Show – Massachusetts

This car show is a small event with an approximate 1000 attendees. The show hosts trucks, vintage motorcycles, and antique autos. It is also spiced up with a classic performance of jazz and steel guitar blues. There are also plenty of food vendors with a variety of dishes to satisfy every visitor.

13.Japanese Classic Car Show – California

The Japanese Classic Car Show is dedicated to honoring authentic old school Japanese cars. The show features more than 500 cars ranging from Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, and Honda. With more than 55 vendors, Japanese old car enthusiasts are also guaranteed to get rare Japanese cars and spare parts. The car show also hosts a car auction where you can get an old Japanese Vintage car.



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