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Austrian Hotel Manager Found Dead on Phi Phi Island



Austrian Hotel Manager Found Dead on Phi Phi Island

Police in southern Thailand have found the dead dead body of an Austrian who was the general manager of a hotel on Phi Phi Island. His body was found was found in Phi Phi Island’s Ao Plew Bay after he had been missing since Sept 11, 2021.

Austrian national Mr Florian Hallermann, 56, was found dead between rocks on a dune in Ao Plew about 200 meters from a road. Police assumed he died at least three days ago.

He was last seen alive on the hotels CCTV camera footage at the Zeavola Hotel, he was seen carrying a backpack and walking towards a beach.

After Mr Hallermann failed to return to the resort, hotel staff posted photos of him on social media, asking if anyone had seen him. They filed a missing person report at Phi Phi Police Station on Monday.

Police believed Mr Hallermann went on a trek, accidentally fell on rocks and succumbed to his injury.

His body was brought to a Krabi district hospital for a postmortem examination.

Mr Hallermann had been working on the Island for almost 20 years. He was well known and loved by the locals.

Cats abandoned on Phi Phi Island

In other news, over 1,000 of cats have been stranded on Thailand’s Phi Phi Island,left behind by their owners after COVID-19 killed the Island’s tourism industry.

The cat’s owners, who were working people and entrepreneurs, left the islands at the start of the pandemic, thinking it would only be temporary. The situation, however, has never really improved.

Only some came back to retrieve their feline friends, after it was clear tourists were not returning to the resort islands any time soon, according to Suda Klinchuen, a volunteer.

The authorities have tried to control the feline population through mass sterilization, but to no avail.

As a result, every day a large number of cats are seen on the roads of the islands, waiting to be fed by cat loving volunteers. The feeding started in March last year, according to Suda.

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