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1,605 Road Accidents Over New Year’s Holiday



the most accidents were recorded in Chiang Rai (61)


On Saturday, there were 650 road accidents nationwide, which was 34 cases fewer than last year, with 71 people killed (one less than last year) and 731 injured (15 more than |last year), Probation Department deputy chief Chalong Atikanit  told the CRT press yesterday.

The first three of the New Year Festival’s “seven dangerous days” has seen 165 lives lost and 1,782 injured from 1,605 road accidents, the Road Safety Centre reported yesterday.

The total of 1,605 accidents in the first three days was 91 less than last year, while the cumulative 165 deaths was an increase of 14, although total number of people injured – 1,782 – was down by 29, Chalong said.

Buri Ram had the most deaths with 14 people killed, while the most accidents were recorded in Chiang Rai (61) and Nakhon Sawan (56).

These provinces also had the highest number of people injured, with 62 and 57 respectively.

Chaiyaphum and Trat fared far better – the two provinces were yet to record an accident.

Most accidents – 81 per cent – involved motorcycles, she said, and most resulted from drunk driving – 44 per cent – or speeding – nearly 22 per cent.

Over half (59 per cent) occurred on straight stretches of road and about a quarter (27 per cent) took place between 4pm to 8pm.

Over half of all casualties were of working age.

Police set up 2,463 checkpoints, and stopped 754,068 road users.

Some 105,144 motorists were found to have broken traffic laws – mostly for failing to wear helmets (32,659) or not carrying a driver’s licence (29,644), she said.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department chief Wibul Sanguanpong reported that vehicle checking by his department over the New Year to help travellers, from December 29-31, involved 792 officials at 28 service centres.

They checked some 1,326 vehicles.

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