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10 Best Toddler Pajamas to Wear on Christmas Morning



Wearing pajamas to open gifts under the Christmas tree and taking family photos and videos is probably one of any toddler’s most favourite holiday activities. Thus, having the perfect Christmas pajama will make the present opening moment more remarkable for your little one. So if you are seeking the best toddler pyjamas for your child to wear this Christmas morning, here are our best picks to help you.

Our top Pick: BabyOutlet’s Toddler Plaid Pajamas

This cute pajama set includes a long-sleeved top and pants with classic Christmas plaid prints that will fit right in your family matching outfit this holiday. The red and green plaid patterns bring a festive and holiday-ish feeling for everyone around your kiddos. It’s simply perfect for a memorable gift opening under the Christmas tree. Both pieces are made from organic cotton and polyester, they are extremely soft and comfortable for the little one. Moreover, with button closures and an elastic waist, changing your child’s clothes has become easier than ever. For pajamas that are around 15 bucks, you won’t find any better deals out there.

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H&M’s Jersey Pajamas

H&M has always been famous for its cheap but stylish clothing for everyone. And this Christmas PJ set is not an exception. It comes with multiple prints that fit different occasions, including Christmas as well. The set includes a soft cotton jersey and cozy pants that will keep your toddlers comfortable throughout their day, both when playing and sleeping. There are plenty of sizes available, so if you don’t have a large budget or want to buy for multiple siblings, this is an excellent affordable option for you. But keep in mind that the set’s quality may wear down after multiple washes.

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Reindeer Christmas Pajama Sets

In case your family hasn’t got matching pajamas yet, you can consider this option from Walmart. This jammie set comes in a wide range of sizes that will fit from infant babies to Male XXL for the dad. The cute reindeer top and plaid pants together with black and red colors will create a festive Christmas theme, which is just spectacular for a family photo at this holiday gathering. As they are made mainly from polyester and spandex, both pieces are soft and safe for the youngster’s skin while being highly cozy for everybody.

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Carter’s Footed Christmas Pajamas

If the weather turns a little icier, you may want your toddler Christmas pajamas to be toastier. Thus, this footed Christmas Pajamas set from Carter’s Simple Joy will be a really good choice. It will keep your little one warm and cozy “neck-to-toes” while they are having fun during the holiday. The cute graphic designs bring a very adorable vibe for your kiddos that will make everyone want to hug them. The snap closures are also a plus point as they make changing much easier.

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Amazon Essentials Marvel Pajamas Set

If your family loves Marvel’s superheroes, this Amazon-made set will be fantastic matching jammies for everybody. It comes with long-sleeved tops and drawstring-closure pants for sizing up. Both pieces are filled with prints inspired by Marvel superheroes that will surely bump the family spirit to another level. Don’t be surprised if your family photo will win thousands of “likes” on social media with these PJs. All the components are manufactured from 100% Cotton material, so this set will also be a soft and comfy sleepsuit for your little one even when Christmas is over. That said, with all these advantages, the set’s price is eventually in the expensive range.

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Old Navy’s Santa Claus Snug-Fit Pajama

This Old Navy’s cute PJs feature a button-up long sleeve shirt and elastic waist drawstring pants that allow your toddler to size up for more comfort. This garment’s dark blue tone and Santa patterns make it a great unisex pajama set. When your child outgrows this PJ, it may be a fantastic hand-me-down for other relatives, or it can be passed down to your future child. One stone, two birds!

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Uniqlo’s Long-sleeved Pajamas

Uniqlo is becoming more and more popular nowadays thanks to their up-to-date and fashionable items. This toddler’s long-sleeved pajamas are a good example. It has innovative designs, cute prints, and highly comfortable materials. So if you prefer a trendy pajama that your toddler can wear on multiple occasions, including Christmas, you should not skip this one.

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Target’s Cat & Jack Christmas Pajamas Set

This is another affordable option (under $10) for you and your little one. This 2-piece pajama set comes with vivid colour and cute prints, including reindeer, hearts, and snowflakes, for a festive vibe to embrace your toddler’s lovely morning. The soft mix of polyester and spandex will provide your child with a stretchy comfort. But once again, you won’t expect the quality of this set to last long for a product at this price range.

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Hana Anderson’s Kid Holiday 2-Piece Pajama Set

Parents love this set as they are soft, fit reliably, wash well and have excellent hand-down quality. It comes with seven different colours and prints to fit in your family matching-themed jammies, creating fantastic photo opportunities for the Christmas morning gift-opening session. However, some parents also disliked how they usually run tighter than the actual sizing guide.

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Leveret Christmas Pajamas on Amazon

If your toddler is still in their potty training, this pajama will be an amazing gift for them. While both pieces are made from soft and cozy materials, the pants with pull-up closure will make every trip to the bathroom much easier for your little one. While the stripe prints are lovely and would look fantastic in Christmas photographs, there are just a few patterns and colours to pick from, which is a significant disadvantage.

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Things To Look For When Selecting Your Toddler’s Pajamas

  • Material: Pajamas can come in different materials with different feels and warmth. You should choose the PJ’s fabrics depending on your child’s preference and the climax of your place. Cotton is a better general material as it’s more breathable, but if your little one is a cold-sleeper, flannel or fleece will keep them bundled up.
  • Sizes: Jammies are considered sleepwear, so your toddler’s pajamas need to be snug-fitted for additional flame resistance. And in case you’re buying matching PJs for the whole family. You should make sure that the set you go for are available in all the sizes you need
  • Style/Form: This is a big factor to consider if you are shopping for a group of children or the whole family with different preferences. A loose and comfortable set will be your best pick as it works well with most body types.
  • Patterns: Young children love cartoonish characters, so cute reindeers or funky Santa prints would be nice on your toddler’s Christmas PJ. However, it’s better to go for a plaid or plain colour design for matching pajamas.


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