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ตำแหน่งงานว่าง 5 อันดับแรกทั่วประเทศ – แรงงานเผยผู้ว่างงานมีความต้องการจ้างงาน




(CTN News) – Department of Employment report. Ministry of Labor on employment in the country, fiscal year 2023, referring to the website bangkokinsight There are 525,488 vacancies as follows:

Top 5 job vacancies nationwide

  1. 99,775 assembly workers
  2. Packaging staff 75,759 positions
  3. Salesperson Advertising salesperson 59,797 positions
  4. Other office workers 14,392 positions
  5. Warehouse employees 14,096 positions

Employment Employment Demand by Business Type Top 5

  • Manufacturing activities 240,747 positions
  • Wholesale and retail activities, automotive repair, amounting to 105,220 positions
  • Strong accommodation activities and food management, amounting to 28,456 positions
  • 24,940 professional, scientific and academic activities
  • Construction activities 24,686 positions

Jobs are filled for the top 5 candidates by occupation.

  • There are 26,120 workers packing goods.
  • Administrative staff 25,387 people
  • Salesperson, advertising salesperson, 16,285 sales representatives
  • Other office workers 6,889 people
  • 5,227 warehouse employees

Department of Employment Invite job seekers Visit and apply for a job position of your choice at Job Expo Thailand 2023, which is open nationwide. In addition, there will be international participants at the BITEC Convention and Exhibition Center, Bangna, Bangkok, during the 8th. -10 June 2023 time 10.00-20.00

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