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“Yahoo Mail” now Allows Access to “Gmail” – How to Access it



Gmail accounts can now be accessed from within Yahoo Mail accounts. As part of the Yahoo! Mail update, third-party email services, including Microsoft’s Outlook, can now be accessed. There was, however, no Gmail at that time, which is one of Google’s most popular services. According to Statista (an online portal that provides statistics and survey results), Google’s email service has 900 million users as of May.

Yahoo Mail is a great alternative to Dropbox Mailbox, which is being shut down by Dropbox in the near future (read more here).

How to access it

Go to settings on the right side of Yahoo Mail’s desktop version to access Gmail. You can choose Google from the four options available if you open accounts, click on add another account, and click on add another account. In addition to Outlook, Hotmail, and AOL, there are three other options. Sign in with your Gmail password after selecting Google and adding your email address. On the left side panel of the screen, you can see your Gmail account after being redirected to Yahoo Mail. You will be able to see your Gmail inbox immediately after logging into your Yahoo account.

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Two accounts in one

yahoo mail gmail

More than just mail

A key feature is the ability to access Google contacts and calendars. As a result, users can access their contacts and meeting schedules through their Google accounts.

In a world in which Gmail is the undisputed leader in the email industry, adding Gmail to the Yahoo! Mail app is the most important feature Yahoo! could have added.

A user won’t have to log into two email accounts in different browser tabs or applications.


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