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Why Apple Cameras Are Better than Samsung



Why Apple Cameras Are Better than Samsung

Why are apple cameras better than Samsung ? Are you a selfie person? You mostly use your phone to capture moments with friends, take pictures of your food, landscapes and random stuff? Phone camera is the most used part of your cellphone?

So, you must be willing to own a phone with the best-quality camera.

There have always been debates between Samsung users and iPhone users on different features of these brands; but when it comes to camera quality, both parties agree on one thing: Apple cameras are BETTER! No argument needed.

Now, with further and more detailed comparison and specification, we will look into both brands to see why is iPhone camera better than android. If you are here, it means you are curious about this. To find the answer, keep scrolling and don’t skip the rest.

Why Apple Cameras Are Better than Samsung

Samsung vs. iPhone camera in the natural daylight

The quality of cameras vary throughout the day. Therefore, when it comes to checking out the quality of cameras, phones should be checked in different times of the day.

By checking 2 flagship phones of both brands, iPhone 13 Pro max and S21, we realized that while taking a photo with Samsung phones outdoors, the shades are stronger and you will see more sharpness and contrast. This might not be some people’s taste and they probably prefer pictures with more natural tones.

Doing the same, seems different for iPhone users. The distortion is more correct and your phone will capture what your eyes actually see. Moreover, you will see more details in the pictures.

While taking portraits, both cellphones capture nice and acceptable images. However, the Apple phone’s images are more vibrant and sharper.

Picture on the left: iPhone 13 Pro

Picture on the right: Galaxy S22 Ultra

Why Apple Cameras Are Better than Samsung

iPhone and Samsung camera – indoor photography

Again, details are much more in the pictures taken by iPhone because the quality is better in low-light. Moreover, lightening retention is better. For Samsung phones, the pictures have a shaded tone of pink or green which might not be satisfying for some users.

Picture on the left: iPhone 13 Pro

Picture on the right: Galaxy S22 Ultra

Video performance; Samsung vs. iPhone

Another aspect that we need to compare, is iPhone vs Samsung in camera quality for recording videos.

Performance of both flagship phones of these brands are quite acceptable. Both of them, shoot 8k videos at 24 fps or 4k videos at 30 fps to 60 fps. However, one minor difference is that iPhone’s have macro mode which is not available in Samsung phones.

Hardware on both cameras

While all android and ios phones have dual or triple cameras and they capture fine pictures, there are some specifications that make tiny changes in the performance of cameras.

We will now compare iPhone 13 pro max and Samsung S21 hardware.

Hardware in iPhone 13 pro max

On this phone, there’s a 12-megapixel 26mm F.16 wide-angle lens with dual-pixel autofocus, 13mm F2.4 ultra-wide lens and a 77mm focal length telephoto lens.

Hardware in Samsung S21 and S21 Ultra

There is a 12MP sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and a 64MP telephoto camera. On the Ultra model, Samsung has placed four rear cameras, with a big 108MP camera as the main sensor.

Does Samsung make iPhone camera?

In 2022, it was reported that Samsung manufactures produce the camera used on iPhone’s. Additionally, LG has been reported as another supplier for iPhone 14 OLED panels. Technolife, a cell phone store in Iran, provides both of these brands of phones With the lowest prices available. So If you are looking for phones with a good camera, You can Search and Find the best choices for your budget. Clicking on mobile phone prices, you can see the phone’s price list on this site. They also have physical stores all over Tehran.

Which one to buy?

Even though cameras on both phones have good qualities, if you are wondering between the phones produced by both brands, first of all, you need to determine your budget. How much are you willing to spend on a phone?

iPhone’s tend to be more expensive. Therefore, you might decide that you want a Samsung. Of the quality of iPhone camera seems more tempting, then iPhone’s are what you are looking for.

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