Watch Scorn Nightmarish Gameplay Video


Watch Scorn Nightmarish Gameplay Video



(CTN News) _ The atmospheric horror game Scorn doesn’t hold back. Because it’s so unnerving, the developers don’t even care about spoiling the experience for you.

We got a sneak peek at the prologue sequence today.

Rather than focusing on jumpscares and tension, Scorn seems to lean toward resonating horror that gets under your skin and lingers in your head.

Players wake up in an alien world with no explanation. Each location is a maze and filled with puzzles.

Since there are no cutscenes, the Scorn mystery remains constant. Play and touch are the key to storytelling.

The developer, Ebb Software, says this feeling is purposeful.

Based on H.R. Beksiski and H.R. Giger. He painted in an eerie Gothic or Baroque style, and many sci-fi fans would recognize the work of Swiss artist H.R.
It. His biomechanical pieces depicted a blend of humans and machines, as well as his Alien work.
As we see the character’s hand become embedded with alien tech in this prologue gameplay video, that inspiration is immediately apparent.
A horrifying humanoid is later trapped in a cocoon or egg. Watch the video below to find out.

Developers aimed for atmospheric horror and succeeded.

It appears ancient, but has superior technology.

There’s a haunting sense of being alone and not alone in a maze Scorn resembling both an abandoned subway line and an intestinal tract.

Most of the time, no one is around, which is scary, but isn’t it worse to wonder who else is nearby? Waiting. Awaiting encounter. Despite its appearance, it doesn’t feel abandoned.

The sounds were surprisingly effective. This new place is very quiet, except for the occasional howl of the wind.

Until you touch it. Squishy, fleshy sounds turn your stomach.

Opening doors requires you to touch squishy things. The muffled cries of the humanoid are deeply unsettling when you encounter it.

Fans of the Alien franchise and H. R. Lovecraft. October 21, 2022, is the release date.

If you have Xbox Game Pass, you can play it on day one on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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