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Twitter Released A New Policy That Forbids “violent speech”




(CTN NEWS) – On Wednesday, Twitter released a new policy that forbids “violent speech” on its site. But, the new regulations appear to be remarkably similar to those the firm had in place before Elon Musk took charge.

One of the adjustments was a ban on “coded language,” often known as “dog whistles,” frequently used to subtly promote violence.

Moreover, a new law outlawed “threats to damage civilian houses and shelters, or infrastructure necessary for everyday, civic, or commercial activity.”

The changes come as Twt, located in San Francisco, gets ready to comply with updated EU regulations that take effect this September.

The Digital Services Act’s new regulations ask digital companies to properly monitor their platforms for content that, for example, supports terrorism, child sex abuse, hate speech, and financial fraud.

Twitter New Policy That Forbids “violent speech”

According to Twitter’s new policy on violent speech, “healthy dialogues cannot flourish when violent speech is utilized to convey a message.

To protect the security of our users and avoid the normalization of violent behavior, we have a zero-tolerance policy for violent speech. rule

Yet according to a snapshot of its site rules on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, Twitter already had a version of this regulation in place in October 2021, a year before Musk purchased the firm for $44 billion.

Twitter has a “zero-tolerance policy against violent threats,” according to the previous regulation. Account suspension will be instant and permanent for anyone found to be posting violent threats.

Twitter likewise revised its restrictions, albeit some of the adjustments seemed entirely aesthetic.

For instance, the prohibition against making violent threats and harming someone or a group of people was previously in a section named “Abusive behavior,” but it has been moved to a new section called “Violent Expression Policy.”

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Several transgender supporters were concerned that the corporation would delete a policy that forbade the “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals,” but it was left in place.

Policies are, of course, only as effective as how they are carried out.

It is uncertain if Twitter can hold its users to its new — and old — regulations after losing most of its personnel due to large layoffs, firings, and resignations.

The system was far from ideal when it was first implemented, particularly in nations outside the U.S. and the EU.


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