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Transferring A Netflix Profile Before Netflix Charges You



Transferring A Netflix Profile Before Netflix Charges You

(CTN News) – Netflix has achieved its goal. Streaming media service Netflix has finally laid out some ground rules regarding profile sharing.

This allows users to transfer their profiles from one account to another without being charged a fee for “mooching.” Here is how to do so.

Is it necessary to transfer a profile?

Netflix will charge you $7.99/month for every single user who uses your Netflix account but does not reside in the same residence (determined by the IP address).

The purpose of this sneaky tactic is to get subscribers to terminate the accounts of people who are not in their household. Do you think it will work? Currently, we do not know.

It is only known that Netflix has initiated this new process, and in order to avoid that controversial upcharge, you will need to activate profile transfers through website.

As soon as the service activates the feature in its entirety, you will be all set to remove others from your account.

The full profile transfer is an alternative to simply revoking your password and changing your password, as it will save the user’s favorite shows, current progress, and history.

Thus, the user being transferred will retain all of his or her data – with the exception of the payment information, of course.

What you need to do to enable profile transfer

NetFllix requires that you enable the feature prior to initiating a profile transfer. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Visit

  2. Hover over the profile icon until the Transfer profile appears. Please click on it.

  3. Please read the information and click on Allow.

As soon as you have enabled Netflix profile transfers, you will be able to move a selected member from your account to their own within two days. Follow the link in the email you receive from if you own the account and gain immediate access to the feature.

  1. On Netflix’s website, click the dropdown menu next to your profile photo.

  2. Select the member’s profile you wish to transfer.

  3. Click on the profile transfer button.

  4. Next should be clicked.

  5. Enter the email address of that user and a password to create their new account. Click on the Next button.

According to the Netflix website, users are not able to transfer their Netflix profiles to existing accounts at this time. We were not able to confirm whether such a feature exists.

Once the account has been created, it will need to be activated by selecting a plan. There is the option of avoiding this process and purchasing an extra member, which really depends on your preferences.


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