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Top 5 Parental Control Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Tech Devices



parental control apps

With the great boom of smartphones in recent years, the age at which children access our mobile devices has been significantly increased. And this is why it is very important that children are protected from certain content or different applications not recommended for their age with parental control apps.

The online activity of children is one of the great concerns of many parents because in most cases it is difficult to control. This is why it is important to know and install parental control applications and the names of top parental control apps that allow parents to select what content they see and how their children see it.

Monitoring our children is fine, although we should not abuse their confidence and control all their movements. We must monitor what they do, but without becoming obsessed with every step they take on the Internet. We can earn their trust by creating basic rules of use, which will make them learn better to use technology. Let’s tell you what are the 5 apps to strengthen the control of parents to their children.

ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control is an application designed to protect children when they use their tablets and smartphones. With this application parents can define the maximum time that can be connected daily, will establish a list of applications that have permission to access and those that we do not want to access. It is easy to configure and is very effective.

Kid’s Shell

Kid’s Shell is a security application developed to make the phone or tablet safe to use for children. With this program you can configure the device to launch applications only approved by parents. We can block the start button, calls, send messages, run mobile applications or buy them. You can also limit the time your child spends on the mobile, block Internet connections and many other functions.

Norton Family

It is a very complete application that allows you to track the history of visits, download notification and monitoring of social networks. We can also check what is done on the device from another terminal without being seen, so we can know at all times what is the use that our children are giving to the smartphone. You can use Norton Family on your Windows computer, your Android phone or tablet or on your iPhone or iPad. However, the supported functions differ depending on the operating system of the device. Norton Family for iOS is only a child monitoring application.


With this application you will have all the information to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying, online predators or even Internet addiction. This application not only allows you to control access to the applications of minors, but also lets you adjust daily usage limits and completely monitor everything that is done from the phone.

With this extraordinary FamilyTime parental control app, parents can monitor the contact book of their kids. Their call records, their SMS history, their web behaviour, their app preferences, their visited locations and much more. The app also offers many control functions including Geo-fencing, screen time limits, app blocking, contact Watchlistig, internet filters etc.

Kaspersky SafeKids

It is a very complete parental control tool that not only allows you to manage the accesses on the mobile phone, but also to know the location of the children at all times thanks to its geolocator function. Another of the incentives of this application is the possibility of obtaining the advice of psychologists to know how to explain to your children the topics related to online safety.

Use any of the parental control apps given above and monitor your kids. Amon all the given options, FamilyTime is the app that offers maximum parental controls at an affordable price. You can give this app a free try too just by visiting the app store on your phone. Pick the best options and keep your kids protected in the digital world. Happy parenting!

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