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The Seven Best IT Jobs to Get in Thailand in 2020

Below is a list of some of the top IT jobs that are a haven, especially for people living in Thailand. Gain a step closer to realizing your career dreams with these job titles available in IT recruitment



With heavy reliance on the computer system in the global workplace, it has paved the way for the growth of different IT-related jobs. The information technologies have increased the connection of people across the globe, therefore creating more opportunities.

Below is a list of some of the top IT jobs that are a haven, especially for people living in Thailand. Gain a step closer to realizing your career dreams with these job titles available in IT recruitment:

1.  Programmer

Computer programmers above all write code that creates software programs. It turns into program designs that are created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer follows. Programmers are involved in debugging the programs which are tested to ensure that expected results are reached. In case a program does into work correctly, programmers are involved in fixing the mistakes for the code.

Programming jobs let you work with software developers with a number of overriding duties. Programmers perform typical work of developers, including designing of a program. This is inclusive of planning the software to creating models and flowcharts of writing, debugging, and designing the code.

2.  Developer

Software development is a wide field that is creative and extremely demanding. With a career as a developer, you are able to learn both the business aspect and technology. The specialists are in charge of the development, design, and implementation of a newer or modified version of software products.

Developers in these IT jobs work closely with the IT team of a business or firm. They are also involved with liaising with the business analysts together with the developer managers. This is ensuring that each of the project kick-started meets the requirements and expectations of the target group.

3.  Data Analyst

In the current era of technology, data is very crucial for the success of a business. Many forms are spending millions on data and looking for professionals that can generate information from. Analysts mainly gather information from a number of sources and end up interpreting trends and patterns.

After interpreting the available data, the analysts report back with a comprehensive study of what has been discovered. This guides the decision making and strategy formulation aspects of the business carried out by managers. It is one of the most lucrative IT jobs in Thailand.

4.  Project Management

A project manager is involved in managing important aspects of a project. Some of the major responsibilities include the coordination and completion of the projects on time within the stated budget and scope. This is important in overseeing all the other aspects of the projects. This also involves setting deadlines, monitoring, and summarizing the project’s progress and assigning responsibilities.

Currently, project managers are trained professionals in the technological field involved in the technological aspect of a project. There is various project management software that is consequently used by project managers. Cloud-based project management is a growing field of interest.

5.  System Administrator

Many businesses operate as a system, with the staff closely working with each other. Many businesses are looking for system administrators for maintaining, upgrading, and managing software, networks, and hardware.

A key skill needed for the role includes being resourceful. A necessity for the career includes the ability to diagnose and resolve problems fast. There is also the need for a patient when communication with different interdisciplinary users and teams. Therefore the main aim is ensuring that the technological infrastructure is running smoothly without any faults.

6.  DevOps Engineering

DevOps engineering is another lucrative career that is taking over the technological world. As a result DevOps engineers are majorly involved in the creation of functional systems that help improve the customer’s experience.

Some of the common responsibilities given to the career path include offering level 2 of technical support, implementing integrations according to customer wishes, and deploying updates and fixes.

A lot of employers look for DevOps engineers with strong background knowledge in software engineering. A professional in this field must possess skills that lead to the execution and automation of operational processes in a fast and secure manner.

7.  IT Support

IT is a very broad job area that underlies the growth and functioning of a business. The IT support team is in charge of maintaining computer networks for different levels of organizations. This also includes the provision of support while ensuring the smooth running of the business.

IT support also carries out monitoring and maintenance of the computer systems, installations, , configurations of hardware and software and planning the organization’s cybersecurity risk management. The job description also involves solving technical problems that might take place. Shift work is a common order of the day for most IT recruitment companies.

Still, trying to find your area of specialization? There are also many opportunities you can take advantage of with skills in the above fields of interest. Hence the best part is that Thailand is moving towards the computerized and automation field; therefore you are guaranteed a successful career.


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