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The Growth of Virtual eSports Betting During 2020



The growth of Virtual Sports Betting during 2020

The esports market is constantly in growth. Developers are dedicating their time and resources in search of the ultimate formula which can combine both fun and entertaining game play for both viewers and players, as that is what is driving the market forward nowadays. The more fun a esports game is to play, the more players there are and consequently, the more events one would expect to have for said game.

Esports betting will be the next big thing in the gaming and betting world, and there is almost no doubt about it. Games are being tailored to suit the betting model, meaning eventual releases can only boost how quickly betting will rise to the top.

One thing is certain – gambling is still to be done in moderation, and betting on a game will probably be riskier than betting on a real-life sport as the odds may not reflect the actual chances of someone winning or losing. That said, one will definitely like these bonuses you find as odds may be given as favorite on an underdog, so you can make money betting on the favorite, although gaming can create upsets much more frequently than real sports do.

Taking two of the most popular titles currently, like Counter Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends, who have phenomenal player bases anywhere around the world. These games enjoy an incredible variety of tournaments and leagues and other events simply because of how popular the game is, both for players and for viewers.

eSports Betting on the Rise

CSGO boasts viewership on of tens of thousands at any time of day, even a mundane Monday morning, which is a very strong indicator of how widespread the love for the game is. Similarly, League of Legends can boast a staggering 150,000 viewers on a Monday morning, a feat one would not have dreamt being possible a mere couple years ago when people were being mocked for watching video games instead of playing them.

With esports on such a rise, one will not be surprised to learn of betting sites where one can play money on a game. Essentially, one is playing money on someone playing a game, which is a concept one would have dismissed with incredible ease mere months ago, but this is something which is slowly becoming a solid reality, and this will only be more popular as times go by and games become much more esports-ready at launch.

Take your annual FIFA or Call of Duty for example; there are already leagues from the publishers themselves awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars to the winners. Imagine when betting on FIFA tournaments becomes a thing – there are at least four majors per year in EA’s football colossus; the betting sites would go in overload just calculating the odds. And slowly but surely, talents are making a name for themselves already, so calculating odds is also possible thanks to this.

eSports to accommodate betting

The Growth of Virtual eSports Betting During 2020

What once started as probably a side venture for big betting companies is now slowly becoming a whole industry in of itself. Esports betting is the next big thing in gaming, and given how popular these betting sites are becoming with time, it is only natural to expect games will only begin transforming to appease and accommodate betting as much as possible.

New gaming modes or formats to facilitate the betting customers maybe already in development as we speak, or even being readied for launch after experimenting a little in alpha or beta testing.

The world of esports has become a very fast-moving one, and developers relying on this world cannot afford to be left behind, meaning they will implement whatever changes the market is currently demanding in order to make the most of their opportunity.

Valorant, released earlier this year from League of Legend’s Riot Games is in a prime position to take up the esports market, and consequently the betting market by storm as it is a solid shooter akin to CSGO with all the funding and expertise behind League of Legend’s incredible rise to the top of MOBA games.

It is almost a match made in heaven, although one may argue the launch was a little too confusing because of free betas and twitch drops to then launch free to play a month later. With that said, one would be a fool for casting aside Valorant as it will definitely feature in esports betting. The real question is for how long.


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