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The Flash: 5 Bold Predictions For The Upcoming DC Series



(CTN News) – With The Flash coming out soon, this upcoming DC film is already shaping up to be a major success. Despite all the difficulties surrounding Ezra Miller, the movie’s multiversal premise and the positive response from early screenings are making everyone eager to see the film.

However, with some time to go before the film’s release, there will be some details fans hope will come true. The boldest predictions for this DC film can be found below.

DC’s The Flash: 5 bold predictions

5. Barry’s journey into the past, bending the universe

The Flash is essentially a story about Barry Allen’s desire to save his mother in the past, which inadvertently creates a new timeline. What is at issue here is how does Ezra Miller’s character reach a point of desperation and perform the impossible in order to save his family? This is where Ben Affleck’s Batman comes into play.

According to the trailers, Affleck’s version of the Dark Knight will appear in The Flash. It is not known exactly what role he will play or how he will work alongside Miller’s Barry Allen, but the DC star will certainly influence the younger hero in some way to save his mother.

The entire gist of the film will be set in motion by Barry creating an alternate timeline, one where there is no Kal-El to fight Zod and his invading Kryptonian forces. This premise will be addressed in the first half of the film and explained to the audience in detail.

4. Supergirl will be a smash hit with Sasha Calle

It is a pity that Henry Cavill’s Superman will not be appearing in The Flash. Sasha Calle’s Supergirl is going in a different direction with the movie, even though the comics depict Kal-El as thinner.

It is none other than Kara Zor-El who is captured by the two Barry Allens and Michael Keaton’s Batman in The Flash. In spite of the initial backlash caused by the news of the casting, the trailers have proved that the change from the comics is justified.

In the event that The Flash is released in theaters throughout the world, it is expected that Calle’s Supergirl will be a pleasant surprise and garner a lot of positive feedback from viewers.

3. You will be blown away by the battle with Zod

As Zod’s invasion of earth continues without Kal-El, it appears only Michael Keaton’s Batman, the two Barry Allens, and Supergirl are left to defend the planet.

It won’t look good for humans since the odds are stacked against them, but the battle between the two sides will be nothing short of epic.

The trailers indicate that the battle in The Flash will be jaw-dropping, based on what has been seen so far.

Because Barry can travel through time at will, he has the potential to go back to the past over and over again to prevent his comrades from dying at the hands of the Kryptonians. There is no doubt that this scene would blow the viewers’ minds.


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