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The Best PDF Editor App for iPad and iPhone 13




Part 1: Widespread use of PDF files

1. Background introduction

The PDF file format was introduced by Adobe Systems in 1993, and since then, it has gone on to become one of the most ubiquitous computer file types. It is used for many different purposes, including creating documents that can be viewed, printed, or edited by users on any computer with a PDF viewer. The PDF format enables “rich” formatting, including the ability to support complex designs, graphical elements, and text or even edited by recipients. A wide variety of industries use this format to distribute their content over the Internet. Content management systems often have specific modules for saving files as PDFs so that they are compatible with a number of different devices. Some websites also offer PDF readers to allow online users to read articles published on other sites without subscribing or leaving their website; these can be embedded into pages using various HTML codes.

2. Which industries use PDF files?

Business communications:

PDFs are commonly used in business communications because they are easy to create and maintain.

Some companies prefer the use of PDFs because they can be password protected from prying eyes or locked down so that users cannot change them once they have been distributed. They also contain metadata about the user, which can be used by businesses if necessary.


In education, they are favoured over other file types as they can be easily printed out and provide a high-quality image of the document. This is especially useful for teachers who want to distribute documents or notes for their students. The PDF format allows them to use many different typefaces and fonts, which makes it possible to include images and rich media formats such as audio and video files.

Even students come across PDF documents as they need to read books, papers, make annotations, edit text, etc.

Publishing industries and Digital distribution:

PDF files are often used in publishing industries because it allows authors to retain complete control over how their work is formatted. This can be beneficial to authors who are not familiar with newer publishing formats, which have become standard in recent years.

PDF files have become a popular format to distribute digital content online because it allows users to provide access to documents without having to worry about compatibility issues or compressed file sizes. Content creators can also make use of different features, including hyperlinks, annotations, and bookmarks for added interactivity.

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Industrial design:

The PDF format has applications in several areas of industrial design, including engineering drawings and technical manuals for products like PCs and music devices. The advanced formatting options available in this format make it possible for designers to include images, graphs, diagrams, text boxes, tables, and multimedia elements. This helps in if one needs to flatten pdf or maybe even scan and print it for varying reasons.


Lawyers frequently use PDFs to distribute documents to clients and other stakeholders; for processing the contract; mark, sign and encrypt the PDF file; and much more. Adding a digital signature is also an easy way for them to provide evidence of authenticity.


Unlike other electronic formats, the PDF format has built-in encryption that allows users to restrict access to sensitive information. This makes it a popular choice for businesses involved in banking and finance, as it gives them full control over who can view their documents. It also helps businesses to process invoices plus fill-in form data.

This list may go on with the medical field and humanitarian aid, and so forth. By understanding this, one can grasp the big picture of how widespread PDF files are used today by many types of industries, even entertainment such as music videos that can be played on mobile devices, just like MP3s.

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Part 2: The best PDF editing software-PDFelement

Using PDFelement, you can easily touch up and edit the image as well as comment on it, just like how you would use MS Word. You can also smack an affiliate link into a PDF document to make sales that are 100% commissionable. Whether your customer purchases anything or not is out of your hands. If they do, though, then you will be paid for providing them with the convenience of clicking through to buy something online without leaving their email program or whatever else they are doing at the time.

It provides multiple features such as:

1.Edit text and pictures

IOS edit图片

PDFelement offers a great way to enhance text and pictures so that they can be used as professional marketing materials. It also makes it easy to highlight important points, add notes, and share files with your team. You can simply click on any part of the document, and the software will automatically recognize it as a link, which you can open up in another tab or window to view without leaving your main screen where you are editing.

2. Annotate PDF documents

This is one feature that sets apart this program from all other similar services – customization. With PDFelement, users have full control over the design and layout of their page, adding widgets such as calendars, social media icons, polls, feedback forms, etc. In addition to this, you can also highlight, underline, comment, and sign; add a watermark with your company name and logo. These features all come in handy when creating promotional materials for your business.

3. Organize page

You can easily arrange the pages of your PDF document with this software program. You can move them around as desired or delete pages if needed. This is useful for creating packet inserts and booklets, where both sides of paper need to be used efficiently without wasting any space on either side. Additionally, you can add, delete and rotate PDF pages too.

4. Scan

If you wish to create a new file but don’t have it on hand at that moment, then taking a photo of the document with your phone is one way to do so. On the other hand, you can use this program to scan and turn any image into a PDF. This gives you the ability to edit and annotate it like regular documents before converting it back to another file format. It supports both batch scanning and cropping.

5. Support to edit data in the table

You can easily modify or remove existing text, create new rows or columns as needed, change font sizes, and much more. If your document includes tables, then this is one of those programs that makes editing easy enough for non-experts to use without breaking a sweat.

6. Support for creation of folders

One of the great things about working with PDFs is that you can bundle them together and attach them as bookmarks. The software even lets users create their own folders so you can keep everything organized.

7. Search Option

It’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for when it is catalogued and searchable. The program even lets users do Boolean searches, which means that they can look for specific words or phrases as well as exclude those that are irrelevant. It also helps to include wildcard characters in your search too.


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The PDF file format has become the standard for document sharing and storage, with over 2 billion documents being converted to pdfs each year. As a result of this widespread use, more people are using PDF editors on their iPads or iPhones. If you’re looking for an app that will let you edit your files on the go, then PDFelement is one of the best options out there.

PDFelement is the most advanced and capable PDF software available for Apple devices. It’s easy to use and offers many features that stand out from programs in this category, which makes it a great choice overall.


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