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T-Mobile’s 5G Strategy Drives Positive Stock Ratings



T-Mobile's 5G Strategy Drives Positive Stock Ratings

(CTN News) – Benchmark analysts assigned T-Mobile US, Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) a Buy rating and a price target of $197.00. The positive rating of T-Mobile US Inc is in line with the current consensus among thirty investment analysts who have all recommended buying the stock of the company.

T-Mobile US stock price has been fluctuating over the last 3 months from a low of $148.00 to a high of $200.00, but the average price target for the stock has been $181.00 over the same period.

It has been estimated that the median target price for T-Mobile US will be $175.00, with a high estimate of $225.00 and a low estimate of $148.00.

Among the factors contributing to the success of T-Mobile in the corporate markets has been its progress in the 5G space. As a result of aggressively expanding its 5G network, the company has emerged as a leader in the 5G coverage industry.

Also, T-Mobile has been acquiring more spectrum in order to expand the scope of its 5G network even further. In addition to gaining more customers, these efforts have resulted in a greater market share for T-Mobile.

The positive stock rating of T-Mobile can be attributed largely to its strong 5G strategy.

Analysis of the market capitalization and earnings growth of the TMUS stock

On April 11, 2023, TMUS opened at $150.02 and closed at $150.14. A total of 58,247 shares were traded during the day. As of the current fiscal year, TMUS has a market capitalization of $182.4B and an earnings growth rate of 246.36%.

The company is expected to have earnings growth of 6.00% over the next five years. The company is based in Bellevue, Washington, and operates in the wireless telecommunications industry.

The financial results and growth prospects of T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS) for the first quarter of 2023

As a result of the closing of T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS) at $149.99 on April 11, 2023, it is estimated that the company’s market capitalization will rise to $124.43 billion.

On May 02, 2023, the telecom company is expected to release the financial results of its first quarter of 2023.

As reported by CNN Money, the median target price for the TMUS stock over the next 12 months is $175.00, with a high estimate of $225.00 and a low estimate of $148.00.

TMUS stock has been rated a buy by a majority of 30 investment analysts polled since March, a rating that has been unwavering since the beginning of the year.

On revenue of $20.0 billion, TMUS is expected to report earnings per share of $1.52 in the current quarter on sales of $20.0 billion.

TMUS has been performing well in recent years, due to its aggressive expansion strategy and the successful merger with Sprint that is expected to take place in 2020.

The stock of TMUS appears to be a solid investment option for investors who are looking to gain exposure to the telecom sector. There is no doubt that the company is well positioned to continue delivering value to its shareholders in future years, as it has a positive outlook and strong growth prospects ahead of it.


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