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SwifDoo PDF to Increase Remote Work Efficiency in Thailand and Anywhere Else



SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF

Editing PDF files was either difficult or almost impossible without the use of professional software. When talking about free tools of this type, it is worth mentioning one: SwifDoo PDF.

SwifDoo PDF is a next-generation PDF editor to handle all PDF-related tasks. It allows you to work directly with PDF files using an extensive set of editing tools to deal with your files. It has a simple and understandable user interface and is very easy to handle.

Working efficiently with PDF documents in a digital work environment. The program allows you to perform multiple document tasks. Increase your remote work efficiency by reducing the number of applications you use and eliminating the need to do the same work twice.

Chiang Mai – The City of Digital Nomads

You must have heard about it before. Chiang Mai is full of digital nomads these days. If you are a person who wants to meet others at workshops, this city in the north of Thailand will be the best destination for you. Why are digital nomads much into Chiang Mai? Because there are many cafes, finding a flat is a breeze, and the cost of living is relatively low.

Remote work is a privilege of today, which, when properly used, can open our lives to new opportunities. Of course, as is the case with privileges, we can also misuse them and alienate ourselves for a long time. What tools should you choose to effectively increase your productivity while working remotely? A good solution is a piece of software, thanks to which the introduction of new technologies in the IT industry is much easier.


The tool is known primarily as a webinar tool, but it also works well as an online meeting tool. The free package includes the possibility of 40-minute broadcasting for a group of up to 100 people. In one-on-one communication, the tool is unlimited and free.


This is a tool that allows you to measure the amount of time spent on a given project. Useful both when you pay your bills hourly and for managing your working time.

If you work outside the office, it’s easy to forget the events that office workers live in. Take care of the calendar and its updating. It does not matter whether it will be paper, electronic or wall mounted – it is important that it is.


Trello Working in project mode – regardless of whether you are a freelancer or operate in a larger team, the key issue is to control the implementation of individual stages. If you want to track the entire process in one place, Trello – an application for project management with boards and cards – comes to the rescue. Many companies have also used this type of tool while working stationary. However, if you have not dealt with it so far, it is an absolute must-have in remote work, if you want to easily maintain control over projects.


Slack is such an extensive and varied Messenger, thanks to which you will separate your private and professional life. It will also allow you to organize communication, e.g. by dividing conversations into thematic threads. It is a tool that will make team communication jump to a higher level.


Where are you, are your files for work there too? Yes, it is possible, we live in the era of cloud solutions. Every day we open and send attachments such as: photos, offers, PDFs, etc. It is worth keeping them in a place that will not depend on our location. Dropbox is the perfect solution to meet all the needs. The free account already has 2GB of capacity and all kinds of convenience, such as an application for a computer, the ability to send files by providing their link or a neat mobile application.

In Closing

Your efficiency at remote work will increase if you use the right tools, develop your own schedule, adapted to your home conditions. When choosing a tool for organizing work time, pay attention to useful functions such as: sending notifications, tagging, comments or sharing your notes with other employees. With a comprehensive schedule, you can keep everything together.

If you have your own experience of working remotely here in Thailand or the other side of the world, be sure to share them.


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