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Safe Practices to Protect Your Social Network Account From Hackers




One of the practices that hackers carry out to take advantage of individuals and companies is to trick them with bait emails and fraudulent links to download a program that gives them access to the computer and corporate network, if applicable. Once this open door has been obtained, hackers can “hijack” all the information it contains and request a ransom for it and offer access to the infiltrated computer or devices again.

This is what is known as the already famous for several years as “Ramsonware”, a technique widely used especially for attacks on large corporations or small businesses, which have been affected by this virus, other viruses such as the famous “Wannacry” guilty of attacks on large multinationals such as Telefonica in Spain, who saw their networks hijacked a few years ago.

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New systems and hacker infiltration tools

In recent years, the use of online hacking tools to infiltrate various social networks has become increasingly popular. Sites such as, have spread across the network, making it easier for any user, without much knowledge of the Internet, to infiltrate the account of an unsuspecting user.

Hackers are always looking for new ways to infiltrate their victims and are now experimenting with new variants of some of these famous viruses, such as “Ramsonware” called “Extortionware”.

In this sense, it is being detected that hacker groups are trying to break into social network accounts and even emails and private chats, to access this confidential information that any user may have in their accounts.

Extortion is not only limited to porn. For example, there have also been detected actions such as rummaging through the victim’s emails to detect any type of financial fraud to the Treasury, insurance companies or similar, as well as other criminal acts. If the requested “ransom” is not paid, this information will be made public or leaked to the organization affected by the fraud.

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New forms of extortion implemented recently by hackers

Any kind of sensitive information will do. If hackers are adapting to the latest advances in technology, such as AI systems, they provide these characters with a very powerful resource to maximize their digital attack and phishing capabilities.

With AI, has become popular options as unlikely as placing the voice of the person in a video, where he subscribes opinions or answers, not originally given by the person, this system is still in its initial phase, where it is still easy to detect the falsity of the statement, but surely over time, will improve these functions, being much more difficult to discern between the true and false.

Final thought

The hacking of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp or many others, goes through taking the proper precautions in the protection of each personal account and it will be increasingly important to put into practice such measures.

Over the years, it has become easier, for any internet user, using hack tools. The digital world is becoming more and more complex and at the same time mainstream, resulting in a dangerous cocktail for hackers to infiltrate, affecting unsuspecting users.

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