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NFT – The Beast of Market In 2022



NFT - The Beast of Market In 2022

NFT – The Beast of Market In 2022 – The non-Fungible token is a term that sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi novel. Still, it’s already here and will be more prevalent shortly as a whole new type of asset class emerges around blockchain technology.

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Blockchain allows for making non-transferable assets fungible in ways we’ve never seen before to create products that have never been created before. These products are called non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

One of the most common examples of NFTs today is Crypto Kitties, a game where players can purchase and collect virtual cats and breed them to come up with rare cats with better “genes” than other cats.

You can sell your real kitty or exchange it for a new one.

If you don’t play the game, someone else might love your kitty and will pay good money for it. It is what makes kitties unique from each other.

People like buying CryptoKitties because they are getting rare assets, similar to how sports fans buy Nike sneakers and collect them. Baseball cards were the original NFTs when kids traded cards for clothes or toys.

Coins and stamps are other forms of NFTs, where people will make deals for coins that have a higher value than simple metals.

What makes kitties unique is that people want to be associated with them.

It’s not just a virtual version of owning a car but an asset that people want to own and own in an exclusive way with each other. First, let’s discuss some fundamentals about Non-fungible tokens.

Why are NFTs in high demand?

Blockchain technology can transform many industries and provide massive value to the world.

NFTs have a considerable potential to disrupt any industry, from business and finance to gaming, art and collectables, where items can be easily transferred and traded. Examples of such industries include:

Real estate

One of the biggest questions on the blockchain is whether land ownership can be changed and legalized using this new technology.

Blockchain will allow people to own their real estate without paying rent or buying insurance.

You can even sell the house without a title in hand or without a notary signing it, so you can sell it to someone else when you are ready, which is called “non-title transfer” or just “title sale”.

You can also sell your property to someone else in another country, and he will instantly own it.

Computer Games

Nowadays, digital ownership is a huge trend. Just think about Second Life and World of Warcraft, where people are willing to pay for virtual items on the blockchain.

Today’s games are about the engagement experience, so the more an owner can do with their account, the better chance they have of getting more value out of it, which provides incentives for them to hold on to it.

In addition, blockchain games can be used for trading assets and exchanging game currency between players who want to buy and sell these assets from each other.

Many in-game assets are now being sold in a digital marketplace as NFTs. In short, NFTs provide real value to in-game assets.

Game-Fi integrates NFTs in the form of rules, characters and other in-game items, thus incentivizing the entire process.

Some prominent examples of such games are Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Bomb crypto and many more.


Nowadays, NFT technology can take sports to a new level by allowing sports clubs and organizations to make deals for players, teams and even real-life properties completely decentralized.

This change will allow instant transfers between owners without any middleman or fee.

Many sports fans would relish this change as it gives them more incentive to be engaged and follow their favourite team or athlete’s performance, as well as making available significant offers of licensed items that they can purchase at a discounted price.

NFTs: The future of Tokenization and digital assets:

Non-fungible tokens can revolutionize the way we think about digital assets.

Non-fungible tokens are similar to digital bearer instruments but without restrictions on ownership or use.

The fundamental value of NFT lies in its unique identity and history and its ability to be transferred over the internet or through a protocol.

NFTs are not just for people interested in art or cryptos anymore. NFTs are going to act as digital assets massively.

People can also use them to back up insurance, smart contracts, etc.

In the race to offer more appealing services, several companies have invested heavily to develop unique underlying platforms and technologies to power their desirable digital assets.

So it is where we find ourselves today, with a surge of non-fungible token-based applications entering the market, from gaming and real estate to arts and media.

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