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Net Neutrality Explained, and Why is it Essential



Net neutrality

Some service providers may deliberately slow down particular services or may also throttle internet speed. Net neutrality is the concept aimed at reassuring that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deal with your traffic fairly.

If you regularly use the internet, you must have noticed that sometimes the speed of your connection is not always the same. You may confuse this with some sort of equipment issue, but it may not be that.

Thus, net neutrality means that ISPs should supply access to all content and applications despite the source and without prioritizing or blocking products or websites. To put it simply, net neutrality means treating all internet data equally.

To get a more comprehensive idea about net neutrality, read ahead!

What is Net Neutrality?

Let’s understand this by an example.

Let’s say you have an internet connection supplied by company X. You use it for some time and realize that the speed of the connection is less with respect to the package that you have opted for. You may say that it is a connection or device issue. You perform all the troubleshooting steps and have no effect on the speed.

After some time, you tend to go for a high price package; this is where the motive of the internet provider is fulfilled.

Most Internet Service Providers do this to limit the users to a certain speed and sometimes even block or throttle some streaming service just to retain the users on their network.

Net neutrality is something that keeps the ISPs away from doing this. It prohibits ISPs from blocking websites, throttling internet speed, and offering paid-prioritized speeds over normal ones.

Why does net neutrality matter?

This inhibition by the ISPs limits the choices available to you as a user in choosing what websites or applications you want to use. Certain providers could prioritize traffic to certain websites and services while providing idle connections to others. Thus, this relatively unfair classification could allow bigger companies to overshadow smaller ones.

Additionally, net neutrality limits the things ISPs can do with their customers’ data. In the USA, we see the unfortunate example of losing net neutrality. As a result, ISPs have all the legal support to sell the data related to their clients’ activities.

What are the effects of net neutrality?

The effects of net neutrality are varied. Its impact on consumers is positive in almost all ways so far.

Net neutrality provides better access to less-accessible apps, better speed without throttling or lagging, etc. The competition it creates makes the playing field more level for newer companies, which can only be good for innovation and economic growth.

What does net neutrality mean to you?

The biggest impact on you will be that if net neutrality gets repealed, the ISP companies will be able to control what service or website you use at their discretion. For example, they can throttle Netflix and let YouTube run free or vice versa; it would not make any difference to them because they want to eliminate any sort of competition for themselves. It is where we all need to come together and fight for our right: freedom of speech!

There are many ways in which you can help preserve net neutrality, such as signing petitions if things start to go south. You can also support those running campaigns targeted towards preserving it There are numerous tools online that have been created by experts who have set out to spread more awareness about this issue.

One of the best ways to keep yourself away from these effects is by using a VPN application. A VPN is the best way to counteract the disruptions like throttling and content blocking. The major function of a Virtual Private Network is to assign you a new IP address based on the server location you have selected.

As the VPN service provider has dedicated servers in almost every part of the globe, it frees you to access anything from anywhere. The best thing is that it keeps all your web activity encrypted. It means that no one, not even the service provider, can see what you are searching for or streaming.

Final Words

So, we hope this article was able to provide you with enough information about net neutrality and its importance. We also hope that it helped you understand what net neutrality is and why it matters. The next thing you need to do is spread awareness and help in fighting for net neutrality across the globe. There are many other nations that do not have net neutrality yet. So, it is necessary!


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