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Mastodon Is The Best Alternative To Twitter



Mastodon Is The Best Alternative To Twitter

(CTN News) – The takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk has left users searching for alternatives. People are considering Mastodon as an ad-free, decentralized alternative to Twitter. Here’s how to switch from Twitter to Mastodon.

In light of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, controversy over his tweets, treatment of employees, and the future viability of the service, Twitter users are looking for alternatives.

Also, billionaires and large corporations such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are looking for alternatives not controlled by billionaires and corporations. As a result, federated social media, which functions similarly to email, has gained new relevance.

Most people looking to move away from Twitter are considering a switch to Mastodon, the most popular federated platform. What Twitter users need to know about moving to Mastodon.

What is Mastodon and how do I join?

The Mastodon network is federated. The result is that anyone can run a social media server. There are many Mastodon servers to choose from, but most people sign up at mastodon. social. As the primary instance is overwhelmed with new users, I recommend switching to a server that meets your needs.

All servers can follow and communicate with your social profile, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Social media is decentralized, and that’s what makes it so appealing.

Mastodon can be hosted on your own domain if you want complete control of your social presence. Having your own server also puts you closer to a concept called the Small Web by Aral Balkan, activist and founder of Small Technology Foundation.

This is a web that puts individuals in control of their online experience instead of a small handful of giant corporations.

How to find and follow people

Mastodon’s most challenging aspect is getting started. The decentralized nature of federated servers means people can have social presences on any server – there is no single place to search for them. Mastodon becomes more accessible and enjoyable once you start following people and practice the tips shared in this article. In a way, it’s like Twitter, but without all the vitriol.

Make sure your profile is complete

Your profile should be completed before anything else. At the very least, you should include your real name or pseudonym, upload a profile image, and describe yourself. Otherwise, you will have fewer people following you back and allowing you to follow them.

Additionally, I recommend adding a website and verifying it. When it is verified, the checkmark turns green.

  1. Mastodon servers can be found based on interest and people can be found via the Explore page. A helpful place to start is,, or

  2. The Fediverse Info, Fedi Directory, and Trunk allow you to find people based on topic interest. You can find federated SEOs on Coywolf’s list of federated SEOs.

  3. Add yourself to the lists mentioned above so others can find and follow you.

  4. Use hashtags to search. You can find posts and people with similar interests by using hashtags.

  5. Engage with others Engage boosting Engaging with others so your network gage.

  6. Your content will be more easily found if you actively post and liberally use hashtags.

  7. Write about how you got here, using


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