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Is Twitch Not Loading? It’s Not Just You



Is Twitch Not Loading? It's Not Just You

(CTN News) – Best wishes for the new year! There is a problem with Twitch, sort of. I have noticed that my homepage has been acting wonky since Tuesday morning.

The problem is that several main elements of the site, such as the homepage carousel, do not appear or do not load. In addition to that, I also seemed to be signed out of my account, which makes it impossible for me to use the site right now.

There is no way I can see who I follow on Twitch, but I can watch clips that thinks I’ll like (which I rarely do).

There is an issue that prevents multiple areas of Twitch from loading, and confirmed(opens in new tab) on Twitter that they are investigating(opens in new tab) it.

Rest assured that the powers that be are looking into it.

It is interesting to note that streams that are already live seem to be functioning as they would normally (most of the time).

As soon as I clicked on a direct link to a live channel, the stream started playing just fine. However, all of the other elements on the page, such as chat and the streamer information panels, were all missing.

There is actually something peaceful about it – only me, the streamer, and a bunch of gray boxes that never actually load at all. It would not be a problem for me to adjust to this.

As I am sure you are aware, outages aren’t the best way to begin a new year, but bugs do happen and I am confident Twitch will be back to full functionality by the end of the day.

The article will be updated when Twitch provides more information on the issues affecting the service.

Why is Twitch 18+?

Twitch prohibits any content or activity that endangers youth. This includes content that features or promotes child sexual abuse material (CSAM), and the sexual exploitation, sexual misconduct or grooming of youth (which is defined by this policy as minors under 18).


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