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IRLAB AGM-2023 Nomination Committee Appointed



IRLAB AGM-2023 Nomination Committee Appointed

(CTN News) – IRLAB Therapeutics (STO:IRLAB-A)(FRA:6IRA) Gothenburg, Sweden, November 15, 2022 –  Therapeutics AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: A), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing novel treatments for Parkinson’s disease’s most troublesome symptoms,

Announced today the appointment of the nomination committee for the annual general meeting (AGM) 2023.

As instructed by the annual general meeting of IRLAB Therapeutics AB on May 6, 2021, the nomination committee shall consist of representatives of three of the largest shareholders, or groups of shareholders, registered with Euroclear Sweden AB as of August 31, 2022, in addition to the Chairman of the Board.

The three largest shareholders have now appointed their representatives, so the nomination committee for the AGM in 2023 will consist of the following individuals:

  • Hans-Peter Ostler, with a background in banking and investment advisory, was appointed by a shareholder group representing approximately 20 percent of the shares;

  • A group of shareholders representing approximately 14 percent of shares and votes have appointed Anders Vedin, who has previously held executive positions in global pharmaceutical corporations;

  • Clas Sonesson, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at and one of its founders. The board is appointed by a group of shareholders, which includes the company’s founders, who hold approximately 9 percent of the shares and votes; and

  • Gunnar Olsson, Chairman of IRLAB Therapeutics AB.

As of August 31, 2022, the members of the nomination committee represent approximately 43 percent of the shares and votes in Therapeutics AB.

The company website contains information about the nomination committee’s work and instructions for the nomination committee. In addition to being included in the summons to the annual general meeting in 2023, the nomination committee’s proposal will also be available on the company’s website:

IRLAB: An Overview

We are developing novel treatments for Parkinson’s disease and other disorders of the central nervous system at IRLAB. Mesdopetam (IRL790) and pirepemat (IRL752), the company’s most advanced drug candidates, are currently in Phase IIb testing and are intended to treat some of the most difficult symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

As of 2021, Ipsen, a specialty pharmaceutical company, holds exclusive global rights to the development and commercialization of mesdopetam.

Through its proprietary systems biology-based Integrative Screening Process (ISP) research platform, IRLAB has discovered and generated all of its drug candidates for the treatment of neurological disorders.

IRLAB has a strong clinical pipeline as well as two preclinical programs that are progressing towards Phase I studies, IRL942 and IRL757. is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. You can find more information at


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