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Inside Sayches: A Social Network Platform that Protects User Data



Inside Sayches: A Social Network Platform that Protects User Data

How will the newest social network platform Sayches prevent being used for terrorist and criminal activities, and generating propaganda, racism, fake news and being used as a medium for stirring up hatred? How will Sayches implement systems and policies to disable this activity and stop it happening? Will an algorithm work properly – is it even freedom of speech then?

Users’ safety is of the utmost importance to the social network platform Sayches, as it is their direct policy to prevent the use of the platform for such activities.

At the same time, they also understand that it is not enough just to have a policy – Sayches have put in place teams of employees and volunteers and an AI system with complex algorithms that work as a counter to flag harmful content rapidly. As described, these features support the platform’s ability to identify and remove comments and content that could escalate and promote unrest. For Sayches, efficiently completing this review process is essential to prevent the spread and escalation of this kind of content, without impacting individuals’ freedom of speech.

Will data that have been removed be permanently deleted from the platform and its history? What sort of logs will Sayches keep?

Sayches keep no logs or records following the deletion of an account by a user. Records may be available in the most recent version of the server back up, and the deleted backup record will be removed permanently with the next backup. For security and privacy reasons, Sayches do not keep more than one backup (the most recent).

How will user’s data be used, and what details will Sayches be tracking, collecting, and selling?

As a platform with protected user data, Sayches ensure that when someone creates an account, they are only required to provide minimal details (username, password, and email address), giving them great confidence when using the platform. It is the company’s strict policy not to sell users’ data or collect data and follow their usage. Details of this are provided in full within Sayches’ privacy policy statement.

In addition to this value, the company also aims to be open within their user community, understanding that other platforms do not always offer data protection. Sayches’ privacy policy is concise, clear and easy to read. “What you see is what you get”, and the company wants to be as transparent as possible, which is why they need such a minimal amount of data to create an account. When they need to make updates to their policies, they will post this on their platform prior to the change so that the Sayches’ community fully understands the proposed alterations and have an opportunity to provide feedback into the process.

The only kind of data that Sayches collects is for technical reasons. However, that data is collected and organised in a manner that does not enable users’ identifications to be known.

In the same degree, Sayches’ business model is based on not sharing and selling data, and it will continue to be so in the future, as this misuse is not in line with the company’s ethos and purpose, which supports and protects users’ right to privacy.

Will there be any extra steps taken to protect the privacy of users? When thinking about going worldwide – different countries have different laws, and some are not as liberal, how will Sayches be released in these countries? How will Sayches combat mass surveillance and censorship for users in other countries?

The following table outlines additional steps Sayches has taken to protect users’ privacy:

14-Eyes Association NO
Open Source PARTIAL
3rd Party Metadata NO
3rd Party Analytics NO
Funding Sayches Ltd
Registration Requirements Email
Ephemeral Messages YES
Free Version Available YES
Desktop/Browser Availability YES
Third-Party Audit NO
Onion Address YES
Targeted Ads NO
Cryptocurrencies (payment method) YES

This is a highly competitive space, so what is Sayches’ niche? How will Sayches be used in real life and by whom? Are Sayches trying to build a community? Sayches cannot be a community for everyone.

Sayches is fully aware that it is in an industry that is obsessed with big and uneasy players. But at the same time, this is the moment in which privacy concerns are at their peak, especially after several leaks by individuals such as Snowden and others that reveal how governments and giant companies monitor and analyse user behaviour. So, Sayches’ audience ideally wants to break free from these market-grabbing companies, which do not respect user privacy and fail to provide a better alternative.

To find out their direct and indirect competitors in this industry, Sayches conducted an in-depth study and succinctly identified the strengths and weaknesses of the current business climate. Considering the need to say well-informed about market trends, the company seems to be fully prepared to engage in such competition and challenge. Along with this, they also acknowledge the urgency to support journalists, human and digital rights activists because, for Sayches, they are the capital.




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