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A Guide to Creating Impactful Product Demos using Text-to-Speech Voice Generator



A Guide to Creating Impactful Product Demos using Text-to-Speech Voice Generator

Text-to-Speech Voice Generator  – If you are launching a new product or marketing an existing one, a product demo is the most critical asset in signing up new customers.

A product demo is generally a short video showing your product’s core benefits and features and how it can help your customer.

It is a short but highly engaging opportunity for companies and businesses to show the prospective customer the value the product will bring and how it will improve things for them or solve the problems they are facing.

Suppose your product is new to the market or presents a new way of doing things. In that case, product demos serve as the most important educational material you present to prospective customers.

Geoffrey James, an expert in selling, once wrote, “There is almost nothing more powerful than a great product demonstration.”

A great product demo gets new customers, builds your brand, and spreads the word about your product and business.

A bad one conversely leads to losing sales, signups, and the growth of your business.

Creating impactful product demos is no longer limited to large companies who can pay big bucks.

It’s easy, and you can do it from the comfort of your home using just a screen recorder and a text-to-speech voice generator.

Step 1: Create a short video recording of your product

You can just use your product on your computer and use a free screen recording software like Loom to record your screen and actions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while doing this:

  • Skip the basics: Visiting your website, signing up, confirming your email, adding your card, etc., can be skipped. Every second of the demo counts, and you should use them wisely on things users understand they need to do to start using.
  • It’s not about the entire product: You don’t need to show every feature that your product has; focus on a few high-value features if your product has a very distinct set of users.
  • Spend more time on the benefit: The how is important, but the what is more important. Spend more time showing the benefit the customer gets rather than how (unless your product has a significant advantage in the how)
  • Keep it brief; attention drops significantly. Nobody watches 20-minute product demos.

Step 2: Add voiceover using a text to speech software

A text-to-speech software will help you elevate the product demo by adding realistic using AI technology.

You can generate human-like-sounding voiceovers instantly using text-to-speech software.

Here, you just need to enter the text in the editor of the text-to-speech converter and choose a language.

In seconds you will have professional realistic sounding voiceovers that you can use for your product demo videos.

Using text-to-speech software for creating voiceovers for product demos can be beneficial in many ways,

  • Professional and interactive product demos, having a voiceover to your product demo video can help you create a sophisticated and interactive product demo that will set a tone for your brand and give a personalized effect. Most of us are not professional voiceover artists; a text-to-speech voiceover helps us skip the “ah” and “umm” in the audio.
  • Economical, creating voiceover using text-to-speech software will not have a huge impact on your budget. While creating a voice with text-to-speech software can cost a fraction of the fees that a voiceover artist might charge. In addition to the voiceover artist’s fees, you must consider renting a studio and post-production costs.
  • Time-saving, creating a voiceover using a text-to-speech converter can save a lot of your time as all you need to do while generating a voiceover is to enter the script in the editor, choose a voice and generate the audio.
  • Multiple language options, with text-to-speech software, you get options to create voiceovers in multiple languages on one single product. With an option of multiple languages in different dialects and voices, tex-to-speech software has advanced a lot.

It’s easy to create a product demo voiceover using a text to speech software.

  • Frame the script for the text-to-speech voiceover: Start writing the script for the voiceover; before getting started with the text-to-speech editor, create a proper script in sync with your product demo. Keep in mind the same rules which apply to creating the video. This will make the task of generating voiceovers much easy later.
  • Choose the voice of your brand: Choose the language and voice that you feel relates the most to your brand. You can also choose a dialect or accent your ideal customer will relate to creating a personalized voiceover for the product demo video.
  • Customization of your product demo voiceover: Now that you have your script, choose a voice for the voiceover. Enter the script and start to customize your voiceover further. You can change the pitch of the voice, adjust the volume and speed, add pauses for dramatic effects and change the style of the voice by choosing the given options like happy, cheerful, professional, and more. You can also add custom pronunciations for particular words by highlighting the word and choosing the custom pronunciation feature. This can help you pronounce your brand name the way you want and keep it consistent throughout your voiceovers. Try to keep the length in a similar range as your video (it doesn’t need to be the same)
  • Generate AI Voiceover and Preview: Now that you have edited the voiceover according to your liking, previewing the voiceover, you have created a good practice and made any required changes before downloading.
  • Add Subtitles (Optional): We recommend downloading subtitles also. This ensures that your audience is able to follow along properly, especially if your product demo has a few technical terms. You can download the subtitles from the text-to-speech software itself.

Step 3: Merge a voiceover with the video.

And that’s it. You can now easily merge the audio and video using any video tool. The most common, which many of us already have – is Apple iMovie. Multiple online free tools also exist.

And there it is; you have your product demo ready. Having an impactful product demo that helps your ideal customers take a step forward toward your product is important.

Using a text-to-speech voice generator can not only prove to be cost-effective and time-saving but also can assist you in creating realistic voiceovers in multiple languages to reach a vast audience and give a personal touch.

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