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Huawei Connected Watch With Headphone Storage Is In The Works



Huawei Connected Watch With Headphone Storage Is In The Works

(CTN News) – Huawei has already accustomed us to a few of the designs that they have used on their phones. Earlier this year, the Chinese manufacturer unveiled the Watch GT Cyber, a connected wearable that features a detachable dial and connects to the internet.

There was a lot of attention paid to the watch by fans of this technology which was due to the fact that it was a revolutionary piece of technology.

Maybe the firm has figured out that there is a new fad that has been going around lately. Due to the fact that there seems to be a project that is utterly surprising, to put it mildly, and is inspired by this same concept at the same time.

This revolutionary connected watch has been revealed by Huawei Central, and it has something to surprise even the most open-minded individuals.

The Huawei Watch Bud is an aptly named wearable device. This is because it can be seen to be able to store headphones underneath its dial despite being visibly titled Huawei Watch Buds. As far as I can tell, this is what appears to be the box for the smartwatch.

It displays a photo of the smartwatch with the face raised to reveal wireless headphones hidden beneath.

There is a possibility that Huawei will market a connected watch that will be able to recharge headphones

As a matter of fact, the photo only reveals a few additional details about the scene. The Harmony OS 3-powered watch is quite similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3, featuring a leather strap and a relatively slim and sleek package, with a watch face similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3.

It should be noted that this last point has not escaped Internet users, who are asking themselves an altogether legitimate question: where will Huawei be able to store these headphones?

On the same subject, Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro test: a sporty and luxurious watch, but a bit behind its competitors

As a matter of fact, we expect that the connected watch will include a charging system to make everything as practical as possible.

In any case, this, together with the battery and other parts necessary for the device to function correctly, seems a little too invasive.

This is for a watch that seems so light to begin with. It is imperative to keep in mind that this picture in no way demonstrates the marketing of a product of such magnitude in the future.

It is better to wait for an official announcement by Huawei before jumping on the hype bandwagon.


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