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Hoyt VTM 31 And VTM 34 Are The 2023 Flagships



Hoyt VTM 31 And VTM 34 Are The 2023 Flagships

(CTN News) – Hoyt VTM 2023  and 34 bows have a longer axle-to-axle geometry than their predecessors, and they are designed for greater set-up and archery efficiency.

A redesigned Tec-Riser cutout has been created to accommodate Integrate (or cable-driven) rests; a new Riser Tunnel has been designed to accommodate the trigger cord of your Garmin (or other electronic sight); and a brand-new Hole Shot V2 has been created to eliminate high noise frequencies that ungulates have the ability to trigger.

In addition to Hoyt’s HBX Pro Cam System, the VTM series is equipped with improved center shot and sight picture allowances. The two modules available on the HBX Pro Cam System make tuning the VTM 31 and VTM 34 easier and provide optimized performance.

As the quietest aluminum bows that Hoyt has ever produced, these bows feature the company’s tried-and-true Limb Shox and Stealth Shot string stops, as well as the updated Hole Shot V2.

Additionally, shooters will appreciate the Vital Point Grip that has been designed and tested to increase accuracy, comfort, and vibration dampening.

As a result of its flatter grip angle, you will be able to focus your hand pressure in the center of your grip rather than the bottom of your grip, which will enhance consistency in your grip and downrange shooting.

With its machined-in picatinny sight rail mounting system, lower center-of-gravity side bar adapter mounting position, primary stabilizer mounting position on the lower section of the riser, and Integrate Rest mounting system, the VTM is the core of the Hoyt In-Line system.

Several finishes are available for the Hoyt VTM series, including solids and camouflage. Listed at $1,399 for VTM 31 and $1,449 for VTM 34. You may contact Hoyt at

The specifications of the Hoyt VTM 31

  • The axle-to-axle distance is 30.625 inches.

  • 6 inches is the height of the brace

  • The weight of the product is 4.6 pounds

  • Speed of ATA: 342 frames per second

  • HBX Pro camera

Specs for the Hoyt VTM 34

  • 33.75 inches from axle to axle

  • Height of the brace: 6.25 inches

  • The weight is 4.8 pounds.

  • ATA Speed: 334 frames per second

  • It is a HBX Pro camera


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