How To Use IPhone As A Webcam OBS - The Best Way To Camera Up Your Recycling Videos


How to Use iPhone As a Webcam OBS – The Best Way to Camera up Your Recycling Videos



If you’re like many of us and use an iPhone as your primary digital camera, then you’re probably also aware that there’s a pretty good chance that your footage from home and at work will never be as good as you could do with an external camera.

So if you have an external camera, it’ll be cut when you record your footage – unless you use something called OBS – Open Broadcast Software.

Read on to learn everything there is to know about using iPhone as a webcam OBS, which is the best way to increase the quality of your home and business videos.

What is OBS?

OBST stands for Open Broadcast Software, which is a video editing software that allows you to create professional-quality online video content.

If you’re looking for a tool that gives you scalability, speed, and flexibility to create videos and broadcasts, OBS can deliver.

OBS is easy to use and can handle just about any task you might have when it comes to creating a video.

It comes with a wide range of tools that let you create professional-quality online video content with optimum convenience.

How to Use iPhone As a Webcam OBS

When it comes to using your iPhone as a webcam OBS, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you’ll need to make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet via a data plan.

This will make it much easier to download and edit videos once you’ve recorded them.

You can also check if your phone is syncing with a computer via the iCloud or Google Cloud services.

You’ll also need to make sure that your phone is set to “skipped reboot” mode.

This will help to prevent any sort of hardware failure that could stop your camera from working.

Once your phone is connected, you can fire up OBS and start recording your preferred videos using your iPhone. It’s that easy!

Equally, you don’t need to panic if you don’t know how to use iPhone as webcam for discord. The steps are also easy to follow and neither doesn’t one require special skills to use.

The Basics of Using OBS

First, launch OBS and create an account if you don’t have one. From there, you can select the following tabs to get started: Camera, Settings, Recording, Live, and Tools.

By default, OBS will launch with four cameras: a front-facing camera, a rear-facing camera, and two front-facing speakers.

You can add more cameras to the app via the Camera menu. Need to record a group of people? You can record four separate cameras at the same time.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been using the app for a while and are using it for business or professional use, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the drop-down menu at the bottom of each live camera image.

This is the History menu, and from there, you can view and delete old videos or photos that have been recorded.

If you’re using the app for business or marketing purposes, then you’ll likely want to look into the Social Media visibility feature, which will allow you to set alerts when people are nearby that have shared your content.

You can also add stickers to the camera, set up a custom background, and more.

That said, the app comes with a lot of useful features, and if you’re just starting as a webcam OBS app user, then it’s good to have on hand.

This app is super easy to use, offers a ton of customization options, and will help you record high-quality video and sound to broadcast on social media and for your business.

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