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How To Use Instagram Reels to Market Your Product



How To Use Instagram Reels to Market Your Product

How To Use Instagram Reels to Market Your Product –  The digital world has flourished over the last few words. In over a decade, the algorithms of marketing and brand portrayal digitally have revolutionized completely.

Today’s digital world thrives on content, and it’s no surprise that video content is ruling every aspect of it. Instagram has become a popular marketplace for brands, and Instagram reels are playing a major role in popularizing brands.

As new digital trends arrive, you need to adapt quickly if your goal is to thrive and survive in the online market.

Reels arrived back in August 2020, and ever since, there has been no looking back for Instagram. It’s time for you to favor the power of reels for the marketing of your product.

Through this article, you will know how you can incorporate reels into your marketing strategy and how you will benefit from it.

These simple strategies are tried and tested by hundreds of successful brands out there. All you need to do is replicate it with your creative angle.

6 ways to use Instagram reels for the marketing of your products.

1. Instagram Reel Ads

Instagram ads do a phenomenal job of bringing you sales and conversions. Instagram ads could be all pictures or a video. Statistics indicate that Video ad converts faster and helps in expanding your reach.

Not only that, reel ads are an effective tool in building brand awareness and increasing web traffic. It’s time for you to replace all picture ad posts with video ads.

Reels are easy to make. You don’t need to be pro-creative to make stunning reels. Choose from many Instagram reels maker to make video ad reels. It’s easy to use. All you need to do is add a few clips or pictures from the gallery, make sleek transitions, and add music and text. You can get a well-converting video reel ad with basic editing in a few minutes.

You must have allocated some budget for ad campaigns every month. Start with video reel ads for the ads to be effective and bring you prolific results.

Always look for creative ideas by following varying brands. Save their creative ideas for reference and be experimentative.

2. Get personal

Gen Z and Millennials are mindful shoppers. Instagram is a marketplace for attracting such users.

Instagram could be a brilliant platform to build your brand and connect with users on an emotional level. People love being associated with brands they relate to.

Instead of adopting harsh marketing techniques, use Instagram to build a brand image. So, what could you do to build such an image? Well, start by showing the genuine and imperfect moments of your brand.

Don’t aim for perfection. The flaws make people connect with you easily.

Here are reel ideas that will show more about your brand and the people behind it.

  • Tell your brand story in the voice and face of the owner or founder themselves.
  • Use animations, graphics, and short clips to present your brand ideas.
  • Behind-the-scenes of making the products or delivering the service.
  • Introduce team members that give your brand a peculiar image.
  • Make reels celebrating special events.
  • Create reels showing birthday celebrations, office trips, conferences, and events that give insight into your brand’s life.

Instagram reels can be filmed in several parts by adding clips or recording them and combining them through smooth transitions.

Pick an Instagram story template that resonates with your brand image and keep it consistent across all content. Use them to attract views through stories.

Add trending music or keep the audio in its original form and add effects to the video. The idea is to keep such reels soothing, fun, and engaging. Plan such content and fit them into your content marketing calendar.

3. Create educational reels

While you use Instagram to show your products, use reels to show how to use them.

Create educational content as to different ways to use your products. Brands can collaborate with artists and influencers to promote the use of their products.

Creative ways exist to create engaging educational content, whether yours is a fashion industry, food, technical, or consumer product or service.

To know what kind of educational content you should make, simply answer what all people should know about your product.

And keep the idea very basic. Reels should be fun and captivating and not seem like boring classroom lectures.

Many popular brands today have gained their image in the market because of the content type they produce. So, keep the quality top-notch and focus on creative ways.

4. Customer testimonials

It’s easier to establish trust in videos than in written words. No number of good words for your brand can do as much good as a video would.

Someone saying good things about your brand, product, or services would establish trust quickly.

Word of mouth works beautifully for brand promotion, and adding clients’ video testimonials to your Instagram page can do wonders for your brand’s image.

Instead of focusing on hard-sell marketing strategies, focus on this subtle marketing strategy that offers definitive results.

Offer incentives to your existing customers for offering video testimonials.

Make reels out of it using basic editing and Instagram story templates. These testimonials could be used on your E-Commerce platforms to generate quick conversions.

In short, find creative ways to add content sources in maximum ways.

5. Promote promotions

Leverage the consumer’s mindset that is always attracted to promotional offers and sales.

Instead of announcing promotional offers through picture posts, add video reels. It is proven that reels gain quicker engagement and convert faster.

Promotional videos can be made of pictures or short video clips. Always highlight the promotional code in the reel, giving viewers quick access to the offers. Just don’t make any promotional videos too centric.

Keep it organic and indirectly promotional.

6. Repost stories as reels

The easiest way to make quick reels is by using old stories to make reels. Collect all your maximum engagement stories and convert them to a reel. Add trending music to it, and chances are the reel will work well.


So, have you started using reels for your Business Instagram? If not, it’s time to get started now!

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