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How To Remove TikTok Filters From Your Videos



How To Remove TikTok Filters From Your Videos

(CTN News) _ Instagram and TikTok soared to popularity on the back of libraries of filters designed to flatter the creator’s appearance.

As celebrities share images without makeup, Photoshop, or filters, the trend is moving in the opposite direction. You can remove TikTok filters from your posts if you want to join the rush to a filter-free social media presence.

How to remove TikTok filters while making a video

By default, TikTok may apply all kinds of filters to your video. It is recommended that you disable all of them if you wish to achieve a clean, untouched appearance.

1. In the TikTok app, tap the Plus icon at the bottom to start a new video.

2. At the bottom left, tap Effects and tap any selected effect to turn it off.

i3. If the Retouch icon at the top right has a red checkmark, tap it to deselect it. You should see Beauty mode off briefly appear on screen

4. Tap the Filters icon. Tap the circle with the diagonal line at the top left of the pop-up menu.
You can now record your video and get an unplugged, clean appearance by disabling all filters and effects.

How to remove a filter from a saved TikTok video

Videos you’re recording and editing are the only ones you can remove filters from.

Whether the video is in your drafts folder or one that you’ve liked or saved from another creator, saved videos can be edited, but the filters and effects cannot be removed.

You might see a lot of articles or videos claiming this is possible, but it’s not. A video’s effects and filters are baked into it when it’s recorded, not saved separately.

Once you save a TikToker video, it becomes part of the video permanently.

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