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How to Install & Download Epic Games Launcher



How to Install & Download Epic Games Launcher

(CTN News) – Epic Games Launcher is a game store launched in December 2018. The store aims to compete with Steam, the famous online gaming platform.

Epic Games Launcher is still in its infancy, but it’s grabbed a massive following. The launcher has some awesome features, so Epic Games Inc. is definitely on the right track.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can download epic games launcher for free and how you can play this brand-new game store.

How does Epic Games Launcher work?

You can buy games online at Epic Games Launcher. You can access its services on its official website or download standalone software.

We’ve already told you it’s still in the early stages and lacks features. In upcoming versions, all the features will be implemented.

You can now download and play the latest games, manage your friend list, and manage your game catalogue.

In this Download Epic Games Launcher post, we’ll talk about more features.

Developed by Epic Games Inc., the same company that’s made some of the best games.

Epic Games Inc. makes Fortnite, Infinity Blade Series, Unreal, Shadow Complex, and Gears of War. Here’s how to download Epic Game Launcher.

Steps to Install & Download Epic Games Launcher

Here’s a quick and straightforward guide to downloading Epic Game Launcher.

  • STEP 1. You’ll need a web browser
  • STEP 2. Click here to find out more
  • STEP 3. Choose your operating system

  • STEP 4. Once you choose your OS type, the download will start
  • STEP 5. You’ll find the installation file in your Download Folder
  • STEP 6. Start the installation by double-clicking.

  • STEP 7. Click install, and select the target location.

You’ve successfully installed Epic Games Launcher. Sometimes it downloads new updates at first.

You can then launch the software from your desktop or program list.

Exclusive Features of Epic Games Launcher –

  • Game progress is automatically saved to the cloud.
  • You can use multiple profiles on different games for easy mapping
  • Review games and share them with friends and the community
  • There’s a forum where you can share, ask, and answer questions
  • You can stream games on your phone
  • Create your own games catalogue
  • Get access to the newest games
  • Make friends, chat, and share

Best Between Epic Game Store & Steam:

The Epic Games store has added a bunch of features since it launched. However, epic game store can’t compete with Steam.

Steam has all the features that make it the best online gaming platform. The Epic game store doesn’t have an appealing user interface.

There’s no dynamic user setting based on user convenience. There aren’t enough games compared to Steam.

Steam has a huge game library. Voice chats, badge collections, and credits collections are all available on Steam.

You can hide games, set up different servers, get bonuses, and offers.

Though Epic is working on these improvements, the Epic games launcher still needs a lot of work. Maybe one day, it’ll be like Steam.


Here’s the end of the Download Epic Games Launcher article. We’ve covered everything you need to know about Epic Games Launcher.

This article explains what an epic game store is, its features, and how it compares to Steam. We’ve briefly shown you how to download Epic Games Launcher and install it.

We hope you liked this article about Download Epic Games Launcher. Let us know your favourite games if you want us to write about them.

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