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How to Find Maximum Comfort Thanks to Home Automation



TV Lifts,How to Find Maximum Comfort Thanks to Home Automation

Home Technology like TV Lifts have made our world a much better place to live. After all, that’s the ultimate goal of all technological developments. Automation technology is not an exception. This technology is often associated with manufacturing. Automation has made production lines much more efficient.

However, this technology has evolved and is currently used in other settings. For example, automation has been used in the last years to make the home more functional and comfortable. For example, TV lifts are making home entertainment centers more comfortable. Have you ever seen one? If not, you can read about them here. We’ll discuss TV lifts later in this article.

A key component of any automation system is the linear actuator. It is a device that delivers linear motion through a rod that extends and retracts along a track. This movement can be created in different ways. However, nowadays, the most common solution consists of using a mechanical system that converts the rotation of an electric motor into linear movement. To control the speed, duration, and other parameters of the linear motion, one must control the rotation of the motor.

Since controlling an electric motor is relatively easy, electric actuators have gained a lot of popularity. The result is that the movement from an electric actuator can be controlled very accurately. This characteristic allows using electric linear actuators to automate appliances and furniture at home. Some examples of home automation for maximum comfort are:

  • TV lifts;
  • Intelligent windows;
  • Standing desks;
  • Garage openers.

The above are a few examples of how linear actuators can turn your home into a more comfortable place. We’ll discuss some of these ideas. However, you should use your creativity and find more possible automation scenarios at home.

Home Automation TV Lifts

A TV lift is a device that lifts your TV screen from inside a cabinet when you push a control button. It hides the screen again with another push of a button when you finish watching. This device adds a very modern appearance to your living room or entertainment center. It is an actuator displacing a metal frame on which your TV is mounted. Depending on your configuration, you can use a TV lift to drop your screen from a ceiling.

Home Automation Intelligent Windows

You can install a linear actuator to open and close a window. You can automate any type of window at home. Just figure out what the best way to install the linear actuator is. This automation allows opening and closing the window with remote control. It is quite practical and comfortable for the elderly and disabled people.

However, if you want to take this project one step further, you can attach some sensors to the control of the actuator. In this way, you will transform your conventional window into an intelligent one. For example, you can install a thermostat to open the window when the room temperature exceeds a predetermined value. The system will close the window automatically when the room gets too cold. The possibilities are manifold. You can install a rain sensor to close the window when it starts raining.

Standing Desks

These automated pieces of furniture became very popular for home offices lately. It consists of a desk fitted with two or more actuators that lift the desktop with the push of a button. This type of desk allows you to work while standing. Scientific research has demonstrated that sitting for the entire working day is detrimental to your health. A standing desk contributes to a healthier lifestyle and more comfort.

Garage Openers

Automated your garage door using actuators adds functionality and comfort. You don’t have to worry anymore about opening your garage manually when it is raining heavily, for example.

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