Here Are 3 WhatsApp Tricks You Might Have Missed In 2022



(CTN News) – This year, WhatsApp has rolled out dozens of changes – and you probably missed some of the most significant ones.

There are three updates in WhatsApp 2022 that we think you should take a look at as soon as possible, as they are our favourites.

Feel free to reply with any emoji you like

Earlier this year, WhatsApp began allowing users to reply to messages with emojis when they receive them.

Although it was a worthwhile change, there was one major limitation: you were only able to choose one icon out of six available.

It’s now possible to react with any emoji that you prefer, not just the six default options available on WhatsApp. If you are a true fan, you’ve probably noticed this already.

If you hold down the + icon at the end of a row of text messages, you’ll be able to compose a new one.

In this way, you will be able to select an icon from the regular emoji selector tray in order to use it.

Community pages on WhatsApp

Earlier this year, WhatsApp Communities was also launched, and it is one of the most significant improvements to the service.

A mega group is a way of creating a chat room that contains regular  group chats in one place.

WhatsApp gives the example of a community within an apartment building as an example.

It would be divided into several smaller groups like a generic chat about apartments, a chat about tenants who are helping each other, and a chat about a local park.

It is also possible to use Communities for a company, or even for a gaming group (with different sub-groups depending on the game).

You can hide your online status by clicking here

A long-requested feature of WhatsApp has finally been launched this year, and it is a much-needed addition.

You can also hide the fact that you are online from other  users so that they do not know that you are online.

In other words, by using the app, you don’t need to worry about other chatters knowing that you’re online when you are talking to someone.

It is as easy as opening WhatsApp and then navigating to the settings > privacy section.

Look for Last Seen & Online and adjust the status as necessary.

If you do this, you will be able to use the app in stealth mode.


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