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Harvest Moon; Reap The Beauty Of The Full ‘Harvest Moon’ On Sept. 10

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Harvest Moon; Reap The Beauty Of The Full 'Harvest Moon' On Sept. 10

(CTN News) _ September’s Harvest Moon – also known as the Autumn Full Moon – is a wonderful way to welcome autumn.

On Saturday, Sept. 10 at approximately 6 a.m. EDT (10 a.m. UTC), although it will appear bright and full in the sky from Friday (Sept. 9) through Sunday (Sept. 11).

The moon is back to being a full moon after four supermoons rose this summer.

As the moon rose during its closest approach to Earth during its orbit, it appeared larger and 16% brighter than an average full moon. 2022 had no supermoon.

Since 1706, the Harvest Moon has been called the September full moon. Due to its proximity to the autumnal equinox, many crops are harvested in the Northern Hemisphere during this full moon.

Non-European names are also given to the moon. In what is now northeastern United States and southeastern Canada, the Algonquin tribes coined the Corn Moon.

Maine Farmers’ Almanac, which began publishing Native American moon names in the 1930s, notes that the Corn Moon rises during the harvest season for corn, pumpkins, squash and other fall staples.

Numerous religious and cultural holidays coincide with Harvest Moon, including the Mid-Autumn Festival in China and other Asian countries, and the 16-day Hindu Pitru Paksha period. Judaism’s Sukkot holiday started with the moon last year.

About once a month, the sun, Earth, and moon align on an invisible 180-degree line.

Because the moon’s orbit differs from Earth’s by about 5 degrees, the sun’s rays illuminate Earth’s side from the side facing the moon.

Hunter’s Moon falls on Oct. 9, the next full moon.

What is a Harvest Moon 2022?

The next full moon will be on Saturday morning, Sept. 10, 2022, at 5:59 a.m. EDT. The Moon will appear full for about three days from Thursday evening to Sunday morning.

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