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Google Engineer Warns Open-Source Technology Might Win The AI Race



Google Engineer Warns Open-Source Technology Might Win The AI Race

(CTN News) – According to a Google engineer, the company is not in a position to win the artificial intelligence race and could lose out to more widely available AI.

A leaked Google engineer’s document claimed the company had looked over OpenAI’s shoulders a lot, referring to ChatGPT’s developer.

Nevertheless, the worker, identified by Bloomberg as a senior software engineer, wrote that neither company was winning.

We and OpenAI are not positioned to win this arms race. It’s been a while since we squabbled, but a third group has quietly eaten our lunch,” wrote the engineer.

It is the engineer’s opinion that the open-source community poses a competitive threat to Google and OpenAI.

Developers of open-source technology are free to use, improve, and adapt their work as they see fit. Linux, an open-source operating system, and LibreOffice, a Microsoft Office alternative, are examples of open-source work.

It was stated by the Google engineer that open-source AI developers were “already lapping us”, citing tools developed by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, which were made available on a “noncommercial” and case-by-case basis in February, but were then leaked online.

According to the document, the barrier to entry for working on AI models has dropped from the total output of a major research organization to one person and a beefy laptop since Meta’s LLaMA model was widely available.

In addition, the document cites a number of open-source visual art generation models. In contrast, the Chat GPT and Google Bard chatbots do not share the same underlying models.

“Despite holding a slight quality advantage, our models are losing ground rapidly to our competitors. A Google employee wrote, “Open-source models are faster, more customizable, more private, and more capable pound-for-pound.”.

According to the engineer, the company has no secret sauce and that the best way to achieve success is to learn from and collaborate with others outside Google. When “free, unrestricted alternatives are of comparable quality, people will not pay for a restricted AI model.”

The EU was warned this week that it must protect grassroots AI research in its planned AI bill to avoid hindering open source models’ release.

Open-source AI in Europe could be prevented by any rules requiring developers to monitor use of their work, according to an open letter coordinated by the German group Large-scale AI Open Network (Laion).

According to the Laion letter, such restrictions would “entrench large companies” and impede efforts to improve transparency, reduce competition, and encourage overseas investment in AI.

The UK’s competition watchdog announced Thursday that it was reviewing the AI market, focusing on the foundation models behind tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Stable Diffusion. According to the Competition and Markets Authority, AI innovation will depend on “open, competitive markets”.

Using the Discord chat platform, SemiAnalysis posted the document by a Google engineer online, saying it had “verified” its authenticity.

According to Google, the document is not an official memo of the company. A Guardian reporter has also contacted the engineer named by Bloomberg for comment.


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