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Google Calendar 6 Tips For Planning Your Day



Google Calendar 6 Tips For Planning Your Day

(CTN News) – If you use Google Calendar for scheduling meetings, have you ever considered utilizing the free app to plan your entire day? If you know what tools and features to use, which we’ll cover below, you can do it.

Get a new perspective

Start planning with Google Calendar by signing into your Google account. Use the view drop-down box at the top to select your favorite. Pick “Day” from the drop-down list and use the arrows at the top to move to the next day. If you want to plan out the next week, select “Week.”

You can also customize your view options so you only see what you want. Choose “Settings” from the gear icon on the top right. Expand General on the left and choose “View Options.”

On the right, you can select which day to start your week or create a custom view by using the check boxes or drop-down boxes.

It is easy to switch between views with the drop-down box at the top of your calendar, so you will always be aware of what is coming up. Alternatively, you can view the current day’s schedule by selecting “Schedule” from the drop-down menu.

Tasks should be set up

In Google Calendar, you can create daily tasks and they will appear on your calendar along with other events and appointments. On the top left of the calendar screen, select the Main Menu icon (three lines) and then expand My Calendars. To display tasks on your main calendar, check the box.

To change the color of your tasks, place your cursor over the Tasks calendar on the left. Choose a color by clicking on the three dots.

On the calendar, click a date or time to create a task. Click on “Task” at the top of the event pop-up window. Name your task, specify the time if it is not an all-day task, and select the task list option. It is also possible to repeat it and to include a Google Calendar description. Please click “Save.”

You will then be able to view all scheduled tasks on your main Google Calendar. Furthermore, you can expand the side panel on the right to view your tasks by clicking the blue checkmark.

You can mark a task complete by selecting the event on your calendar and selecting “Mark Completed.” Alternatively, you may mark the circle next to the task in Tasks in the sidebar.

Reminders can be used

Reminders work similarly to tasks in Google Calendars. The Reminders calendar can be added to your view and reminders can be created from the event pop-up window. Reminders do not appear in the side panel like tasks.

If necessary, open the Main Menu by clicking on the icon on the top left. In the My Calendars section, check the box for reminders.You can change the color of your reminders by hovering your cursor over the calendar, clicking the three dots next to it, and choosing a color.

You can create a reminder by selecting a date on your calendar. Choose Reminder from the event pop-up window and enter a name for it.

You can set a time for the reminder by unchecking the All Day box and selecting the time next to the date. In addition, you have the option of making the reminder repeat. When you are finished, click “Save”.

For reminder alerts, click the gear icon on the top right and select “Settings.” Expand General on the left and select “Notification Settings.”

Select “Desktop Notifications” or “Alerts” from the Notifications drop-down box on the right. It is necessary to have notifications enabled on your computer in order to receive Desktop Notifications. If you choose Alerts, please ensure that Google Calendar is open and active in your browser.


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