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Lego Guardians Of The Galaxy Advent Calendar Is Up To 47% Off



Lego Guardians Of The Galaxy Advent Calendar Is Up To 47% Off

(CTN News) – A Lego Guardians of the Galaxy advent calendar is going to be discounted by 47% in honor of Black Friday. This is a convenient way to get ready for the holiday season. Advent calendars are a huge part of Christmas preparations.

The Lego Guardians of the Galaxy set is normally $44.99, but is now $23.99 at Amazon (opens in a new tab). You can save over $20 on this Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Advent set at Amazon. This is the perfect time of year to get your fans of Lego, Marvel, and Guardians of the Galaxy Advent an advent calendar for the holidays.

It is no surprise that the Guardians are teaming up again on Disney Plus in their first ever holiday special, which will air on December 17.

It is possible to get a 20% discount at Target (opens in a new tab) if you miss this deal. Target is offering it for $28.99 (down from $35.99), while is offering a 20% discount on the set (opens in a new tab).

It is $35.99, a reduction from $44.99, and if you are a member of Lego’s rewards program you can earn Lego VIP points.

It’s worth checking out our round-up of the most popular advent calendars on the market too, since it’s also the right time to pick up yours ahead of December.

You will also be able to check out our guides for Lego deals, Lego Star Wars deals, and Lego space deals, if you are interested. Our top Black Friday deals will be updated as soon as they become available, so be sure to come back.

Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar from Lego

There was a price difference of $44.99 and $23.99 on Amazon. There is also a $28.79 price at Target and a $35.99 price at

Take advantage of up to 47% off on a brilliant Galaxy Advent calendar that you will love if you are a fan of Lego, Marvel and/or Guardians of the Galaxy.

As part of this calendar, you will receive six minifigures, such as Star Lord, Rocket, Groot, Mantis and others. There are also mini builds and accessories included in the set, such as weapons, Thanos’ armor, and the Guardians’ ship.

It is definitely a worthwhile purchase for fans, and it is not just because of the discount that makes it so attractive. You will find six minifigures inside the Galaxy Advent  calendar’s 24 doors.

These include your favorite characters from the franchise, such as Star Lord, Groot, Rocket and Mantis, as well as your favorite minifigures from the franchise.

It also comes with mini-builds, including the Guardian’s ship and accessories, such as weapons and Thasos’s armor, which means there’s a lot more fun to be had with this calendar than just opening the squares.

The holidays can be a hectic time of year when it comes to buying the right gift for everyone on your list. Therefore, so it’s always welcomed when you come across a good deal during this time of year. That’s why we’re delighted to inform you that Amazon is giving you 47% off on this advent calendar.

Opening the squares is fun, and there are a variety of items inside. This makes its a perfect gift for kids and adults alike who are fans of either Lego, Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy Advent.

Take a look at Space. com’s guide to the most awesome Black Friday deals, the top advent calendars, and best Lego deals of the year.


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