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‘Fortnite’ ICON Skin Revealed By SypherPK Ahead Of Season 4



'Fortnite' ICON Skin Revealed By SypherPK Ahead Of Season 4
(CTN News) _ It appears that Fortnite is back with another ICON skin based on a popular Fortnite content creator, this time SypherPK, a well-known figure in the community who has received what appears to be the most elaborate ICON yet.

SypherPK just demonstrated his new ICON skin on stream, pictured above, which comes in various variants.

ICON skins for creators usually have some versions that look like them in real life, then a “superhero-ified” version that looks more like something you’d normally see in Fortnite.

SypherPK was emotional when he presented his own skin for the first time to over 140,000 viewers.

The default skin is street clothes, but the main skin has him in his signature Oni mask, and as you kill, the back bling gets bigger.

With more kills, the pickaxe and armor will glow and become aflame. Over the course of the game, your skin will change.

With the emote, he has an original soundtrack and strut/flex emote.

The ICON series also features four free cosmetics, a spray, an emoticon, an animated weapon wrap, and a loading screen, a first for an ICON.

Additionally, Sypher will get an ICON combat arena map launching tomorrow, where you can earn two cosmetics, the spray and loading screen, plus XP.

In the past, we’ve had Ninja, LoserFruit, TheGrefg, Bugha, Lachlan, and Lazerbeam get ICON skins.

There are also ICON skins for athletes and musicians, like Naomi Osaka and Ariana Grande. SypherPK has more Fortnite creators than those other two categories combined.

It’s still unclear how these deals work with the real-life people who get these skins, whether it’s a revenue share, a one-time payment, or some combination.

Everyone knows that these skins can be used for a ton of Fortnite and Fortnite-related projects indefinitely as Metaverse approaches.

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