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Five of the Best Mac Apps You Should Download in 2021



Five of the Best New Mac Apps You Should Download Now

As a new Mac user, if you want to get the most out of your Apple PC, you will need to explore some productive and useful Mac apps beyond the pre-installed apps on macOS. Everyone needs different Mac apps and software to get personal and business-related jobs done.

In this era of advanced technology, a lot of workflow, productivity and PC customization apps are out there. But finding the right one for your Mac can be tricky especially if you are a new Mac user. They don’t really know what they are looking for to get the jobs done and what the major differences between macOS and Windows PC are.

To help them out, below we have created a list of some best Mac Apps and software that can be great to access emails, customize OS and organize various of their tasks at a place.

NTFS for Mac (Free & Paid)

macOS does not support write access to Windows-formatted NTFS volumes. NTFS drives remain read-only unless you modify the Kernel extension in macOS through Terminal commands. If you really want to use NTFS drives and files on your Mac, NTFS for Mac is an app that offers seamless read and write support for all NTFS drives, USB sticks, and files.

By using this app, you can easily open, edit, move or delete all files stored on NTFS formatted drives and data sticks plugged into your Mac. The app allows you to work with all NTFS files on your Mac without facing troubles.

LibreOffice for Writing (Free)

If you are a professional writer and tired of paying for an expensive MS office, not impressed by Apple’s built-in office suite, or unable to facing any other writing-related issues, then LibreOffice is made for you. It is a full-featured office suite that comes with important apps like a Word processor, spreadsheet editor and slideshow maker, etc.

The best thing about LibreOffice is that it is compatible with all popular MS office file types. It is totally free to install and comes with open-source features. However, you can donate some dollars if you like and use it a lot. It could be the best Mac app to enjoy awesome writing and spreadsheet editing experience.

Alfred (Free)

Do you want to go deeper with Apple’s default search tool to find required stuff quickly? Just install Alfred as it is known as an awesome substitute to MacOS’s search tool. It allows you to create personalized shortcuts to different file folders and programs so you can access them anytime within moments.

You can also create custom workflows with this app that begins with a few clicks or particular keywords. It is a freemium app and you can enjoy its full feature version by paying almost $40 for a single user license. You can also buy its lifetime subscription with free upgrades for $67. It is just like a life-save for Mac users.

ApolloOne (Free)

ApolloOne is a heavy-duty image viewer and editor for Mac users and lets them view and edit images and metadata. It can also be used to automatically sort and classify photos stored on the Mac. It is a must-have Mac app for professional photographers.

It could also be a great addition to your Mac apps arsenal if you take a lot of selfies or make Snapchat. The free version of ApolloOne comes with limits on what you can do and what features can be utilized. You can buy its full-featured version in $20 to enjoy amazing image editing features.

Shift (Free)

If you have a lot of online profiles like emails, social media profiles, and other business-related logins, you can conveniently link them all into Shift for one place quick access. It means you can gain access to all your online accounts and logins within one app window to accomplish your tasks effectively.

Whether it is Gmail login, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, G suit, or any other extension, you can link them all at a place for one-click access. It not only saves time & effort but also increases overall productivity to help you get done more in less time. You can give Shift a try for free before using its paid version. You can get it for $100 for a year if you really want to organize all your logins and accounts in one window.

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