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Earth’s Surface Hides a Huge Ocean



Earth's Surface Hides a Huge Ocean

(CTN News) – There has been a lot of science fiction written about the Earth’s Surface idea of an underwater world, but a group of researchers says it is not too far from the scientific truth.

An area of the Earth’s surface has been discovered that is believed to contain several times more water than the rest of the Earth’s oceans combined.

The discovery was made by the discovery of diamonds, and it may support a theory that has shaken the conventional wisdom about the origin of water on earth. See what scientists have discovered and what impact it may have by reading on.

A stock market struggleGeologists at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany were investigating a diamond that was found more than 2,100 feet underground in Botswana, Africa.

According to their analysis of the stone, it contains a large amount of water. Diamonds contain a large volume of water, which supports the theory – previously just a theory – that a vast ocean hung between the upper and lower layers of the Earth.

Diamonds were found at a depth of 660 meters,
Or approximately 2,100 feet, in the deepest part of the “transition zone,” the boundary layer that separates Earth’s upper mantle and lower mantle. In lower regions of the transition zone –
“These mineral shifts greatly hinder the movement of rocks within the mantle,” said Professor Frank Brinker of Goethe University in Frankfurt.
The mantle plumes – rising plumes of hot rock from the deep mantle – sometimes stop just below the transition zone.
Because of the density and stationary nature of this area, scientists were unsure how much water is present.
According to Brinker, the boundary layer can store a lot of water. But we didn’t know if she did.” Until now. It could mean deep waters on Earth are part of the planet’s overall water system.
Earth’s water source could be revised in light of this discovery along with others.
The dominant theory holds that the young planet was too hot for water to develop naturally. According to this theory,
Water formed in the solar system and reached the planet via comets or asteroids that crashed into it.
However, this theory would not hold true if the water was located deep within the transition zone of the planet.
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